Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Harvey Hildebran sweeps to an impressive victory.

Picking on the FLDS gets votes, yet another key figure in the YFZ raid scores a gigantic victory;

The Deseret News - "Texas Rep. Harvey Hildebran, whom FLDS members have accused of leading the charge to drive them out of the Lone Star state, won re-election with a nearly 90 percent victory."

Face it, Polygynists are HATED. They make good whipping boys in an election.

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duaneh1 said...

His only opponet was a Libertarian, so his victory is not as impressive as it sounds.

The Pharisee said...

Yes, and that candidate doesn't even really live in Texas. However, it is notable that no one has taken Rep. Hildebran on.

Maybe next time.

kbp said...

A hero in his own mind!! ;)