Thursday, November 20, 2008

Texas Law Folk submit to Warren Jeffs attorneys interview. Will they plead the 5th?

Did I not say they would wait until the absolute last minute? Oh yes, yes I did.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "Three Texas law officers will be interviewed in mid-December by an attorney for polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs.

Tucson attorney Michael Piccarreta will be in San Angelo, Texas, on Dec. 16 to depose Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran and deputy sheriff John Connor, according to court documents. Piccarreta will depose Texas Ranger Brooks Long on Dec. 17.

All three were involved in the April raid at the Yearning For Zion Ranch, home to members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Stephen Conn ruled Oct. 28 that Piccarreta could interview the men to see what information and evidence they shared with Arizona prosecutors about the raid.

The deposition notices state that failure to appear could result in sanctions that include dismissal of the Arizona case, a ruling that the search at the ranch was illegal and unconstitutional or a contempt charge. The notice also states, however, that the officers have the right to invoke their Fifth Amendment privilege and refuse to answer questions."

Wouldn't that be special? Now who said this;

"Hate to bust y'alls bubble, but it ain't goin' happen... It doesn't matter what Judge Conn ordered, Jeffs' team of lawyers aren't going to talk to the Rangers...

Check my blog for the reasons..."

That would be Blues, oh yes, yes it was. It looks like Scott was right. To know what is going to happen in the FLDS case, Blues is a perfect predictor. Provided you take every bit of advice he gives, and you bet the opposite way.

"No offense, Bluesy, but your predictive powers on this one haven't really panned out. A betting man could have made a lot of money this spring by examining your daily predictions in Grits' comments then wagering the farm that the exact opposite would happen."

Here, in the comment section.

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ztgstmv said...

They need to interview everyone that was involved in the raid and cross check stories. The rat that was providing Rozita Swinton up-to-the-minute details needs to be smoked out.

The Pharisee said...

Believe they will.

Peter said...

Start with Willie the Rat.

My money is on txbluesman, Pharisee!

The Pharisee said...

Well, what were you betting? Hit the donate button and give it to me, he just lost another round.

He said the interviews would never happen.

Wrongo Bluesy. Again.

I don't think Blues is stupid, so why is it he keeps backing the wrong pony?

Lucille said...

Too early to declare victory, IMO. A lot can happen in a month.

The Pharisee said...

So Lucille, you say they're NOT going to meet with Warren Jeffs attorneys like Blues said they wouldn't, or they ARE going to meet with Warren Jeffs attorneys, like I said they would?

Oh and incidentally, like THEY say they're going to.

Lucille said...

I'm not saying either, definitively: my attitude is "wait and see."

like THEY say they're going to.

They do? I see nothing in the article that says that. Nothing talks about Doran or Long's responses.

The Pharisee said...

Ok, Warrens attorneys must have just set the dates all by themselves. As you wish.

Peter said...


Interviews with TX LE are not going to happen.

And who is going to force them?

Texas Attorney General?
Department of Public Safety?

Judge Barbara Walther?

Piccarreta just doing his job, and racking up billable hours.

Pharisee you will have to give txblueman an apology.

ztgstmv said...The rat that was providing Rozita Swinton up-to-the-minute details needs to be smoked out.

The rats are really all the news agencies covering the raid via the internet and still don't rule out Willie Jessop.

The Pharisee said...


If the interviews were scheduled, it is the nominal intent of the three law enforcement officers involved to submit to those interviews. I have no other choice but to read it that way.

If those interviews do not ultimately take place, depending on the reason of course, I'll apologize to Bluesy. I like Bluesy, but I don't think Blues is being his impartial lawyer self when he makes the pronouncements he makes. I think he has an agenda.

Scott over at Grits has chided him about this before, saying, as I quoted, that someone could have made a lot of money off of straight up bets against Blues "winners."

At the moment, that seems to be the best course of action once again.

yutthehay said...

They will talk but they won't tell the truth. They will try to colloborate their stories but it won't work. If they refuse to talk then it will be seen as if they have something to hide. They do have something to hide but they don't want the public to think so or know it. But we already do know. And if they don't talk Judge Conn could dismiss the Az cases.

The Pharisee said...

Separate interviews diligently conducted always yield differing answers among liars.

If Piccaretta does a good job, there will be more than one interview, and someone will start invoking the 5th, or singing. Provided of course, someone has the temerity to lie to him.

cheese said...

they just need to be hooked up to a polygraph while they're doing the deposition.

The Pharisee said...

Polygraphs are a joke. I lost a job over one once, because I hiccuped in the middle of an answer.

You can't even trust the person who administers the polygraph to know what they're doing.