Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some OTHER election results of Note

In California, it looks as if Prop 8 is a winner. I say "looks" because with a 4% point lead and 90% of the vote in at the time the article was written, I doubt seriously the trend will reverse.

KOGO - "As of early Wednesday morning, 52% of voters favored passing Prop 8 and 48% were against it, with almost 90% of the state's precincts voting, according to the Secretary of State. The proposition would reverse a ruling by the California Supreme Court, which earlier this year declared that banning same-sex marriage was discriminatory. The proposition would change the state constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman."

The initiative now makes heterosexual monogamy the rule in California, unless the language can be twisted so much in the courts, that marriage is indeed between one man and one woman, but someone figures a way to have that happen concurrently. I doubt that will happen, but only two percent of California's population needs to change their minds on this initiative for it to be removed from their constitution. Look for a challenge in the courts. I think that would be bad but that doesn't stop liberals. One would figure that when you change the constitution that changes the underlying presumptions of the law and that would have to be what a court challenge is all about, wouldn't it? It will be interesting to see if someone on the gay "marriage" side of the issue tries to make it a national constitutional issue.

I would have voted AGAINST 8 if a California resident, but not because I would be for gay "marriage." I would have voted against it because marriage is not defined as "only one man and one woman at a time." Marriage is indeed between a man and woman, but a woman has a cap on the number of extant marriages she can engage in (one) and men can have as many as they can bite off, economically.

David Doran survives. Big time.

The San Angelo Standard-Times - "Doran, a Republican, was re-elected to a fourth term Tuesday night after a race against Democrat Shane West. Doran received 967 votes to West's 326."

Doran is EXTREMELY popular. The vote total was a RECORD for him. This suggests that Schleicher County supports him when it comes to the YFZ raid. Since you have to figure few at YFZ would have voted for Doran and they registered to vote in this election, Shane West would have garnered all the votes from YFZ and very few others. Can you say POLARIZATION? The war is still on in that county. They hate the FLDS.

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ztgstmv said...

I hope prop 8 is challenged. I don't believe government has any business at all regulating religious marriages any more than it does mere cohabitation. It's none of the government's business. The people in California are idiots.