Monday, May 04, 2009

And who is this?

I happen to know who's under the ball cap in the preceding post. Apparently peering out from under the brim of "Ken's Cap" isn't any better than just plain taking it off. A hint, he's a prosecutor in the state of Texas.
Is he important? Oh, maybe, maybe not. If you figure out who JB is you'll find that his attempts to make a name for himself are thorough and all American. He is, after all, a politician in Texas.

Let's say we find a "FORMER" prosecutor in Texas. Wouldn't you think that during his tenure he would have left a similar greasy trail of self promotion? I mean nothing disparaging by using such terminology but politicians, all of them, leave not only a greasy trail, but a glowing one. They need attention. It's part of the game.

So who is Shannon Edmonds/Shannon T. Edmonds/Shannon Todd Edmonds? Maybe he's a bit shy but I have an awfully hard time believing a leopard changes his spots. Once a camera hog always a camera hog. There are very few real Greta Garbos in the world. I might end up with a quick comeuppance on this query, but I have search and searched and searched for a man who at one time supposedly held public office. A man who was a "General Counsel" (for then Texas Governor Bush's) administration. If true, it had to be Governor Bush or he had a very SHORT tenure with President Bush. He's also read every law in Texas (and he cataloged them!)

He sends emails. They get cited. They make it into papers written by one important man to submit to another important institution. He is quoted regularly in the Texas Press. I've quoted him a year ago. He's demonstrated an interest in the case of Buffalo Bill" Hawkins, in Bigamy and Polygamy and Child abuse.

Former Prosecutor? Back in 2002 Shannon hired on from Texas Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff's office. He supposedly graduates from the University of Texas in 1993, which gave him 9 years to be a prosecutor and to work for Lt. Gov. Ratliff and he switches to TDCAA in 2002, where he's been ever since. So who is this guy? In case you're wondering, I'm checking out Texas Prosecutors and their associates. I'll let you know if I find something.

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John said...

Now for some reason this post brought a reader to my blog... I want to make clear that I am not the same JB in Texas, though I am a JB in Texas--I'm certainly not a prosecutor. :)