Sunday, May 10, 2009

Harvey's Website Down....Getting rid of the Evidence?

Based on the fact that Toes has revisited the Harvey situation, I went back and checked some old posts I did on the same subject.
This may be old news but his site is down and the "wayback" machine says it's blocked to bots.

A lot of the thinks Toes points to were also documented by press releases at Harvey Hilderbran's site, and, they're not there anymore. Hmmmmm...

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Toes said...

The official Texas House site for Rep. Hilderbran still has at least one related item in the news archives

News Release March 24, 2005I don't see any others relating to the FLDS or HB3006 or SB6 on the list, but I think since there were official news releases, the State has to keep them in archives perpetually.

Toes said...

and here's one with a picture of Hilderbran with Shurtleff, Krakauer, Mankin and Brower before the HB3006 hearing.