Thursday, May 14, 2009

Modern Pharisee "Dodges" Bullet

I work at a Chrysler dealer in Vermont.
WPTZ - "Rutland Dodge in North Clarendon and Walker Motors in Montpelier are on a list of 789 dealers nationwide that Chrysler proposes eliminating because it says it has too many. The company makes Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles."
I don't work at either. Thank God. There are those at both dealerships that didn't "Dodge" Chrysler's scythe.
"Walker owner Wade Walker says Jeep sales account for about 25 percent of his business, which was already down 40 percent. He said losing that would hurt."
That's bad, but we've all been hurting and Wade has Ford at the dealership he sold Jeeps from. Those at Rutland Dodge are certainly having a bad night.

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Carol said...

I am glad to hear your dealership "dodged the bullet."
Our area is losing two, (That I have heard so far)one is a rather large one and one we did business with for a number of years.

Carol said...

I heard a really sad loss of dealership a few days ago. One that had been in business for 81, yes, 81 years.
It is in a small city in where I was raised in a Mid-Atlantic state. When I remember it from many years back, it was called **** Chevrolet, I don't remember if any other vehicle was sold there, I am sure there was, this is like losing an historical site for this town.