Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes, what happened to the FLDS could happen to you Mr and Mrs Christian Conservative. Vote AGAINST Rick Perry.

Over at the "Ellis County Observer" a letter from "GOP Activist" Robert Morrow is posted. An excerpt.
"Imagine a fascist, totalitarian government coming into your household and ripping away YOUR kids based on a crank phone call. That is exactly what happened to those FLDS families in 2008 and Religious Oppressor Rick Perry supported that move LONG AFTER it was revealed that a crank phone call complaint was the basis for the move. And even if the ONE complaint had been legitimate, what kind of a fascist, totalitarian government would come in there and remove FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT children from hundreds of families?

As of now, 438 of the 439 children who were taken are back with their parents, which just shows how weak the CPS case was and proves that the real motive for this raid was governmental religious oppression. The FLDS had been watched and targeted by the government who was just looking for an excuse to move in and destroy their lives.

If you are a home schooler or a conservative Christian or you just believe in freedom and 'live and let live' you should be extremely concerned at the state sponsored gross miscarriage of justice that happened to these FLDS families. Perhaps you live in a Christian household where the man is the spiritual 'head of the family' or you teach that homosexuality is wrong. Thanks to Rick Perry, maybe one day the Left Wing and Child Protective Services will be TARGETING YOU and your family and they might not even need a crank phone call to religiously oppress you."
Which is why FLDS victory, is your victory. You may loathe polygamy. You may think it is inextricably connected to systemic child abuse. You may think that it is oppression of women in and of itself. You might even HATE the FLDS.

If they go down for this though, you do too. And soon.

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Riki said...

Just want to point out that there are many liberals out there who are horrified at what CPS did in Eldorado. If the State gets away with what they did, then NO ONE is safe & the Constitution is meaningless.

The Pharisee said...


One of the more prominent "Liberal" or "Leftist" bloggers was the "Prairie Fire Journal."

Jerrilynn said...

Robert Morrow is not just a GOP activist. He is a liberty minded supporter of Ron Paul and I am proud to have worked with him in the grassroots and call him friend.

He immediately saw the injustice of this when it happened.

Jerri Lynn Ward

The Pharisee said...

Good on you both Jerri. I'd still rather see Alan Keyes as President, even if he is a nutty monogamist.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

YES, YES, YES! NEVER give your government power to 'go after' others you don't want applied to you and yours with the same standard.