Thursday, May 07, 2009

That's gonna leave a mark, Bill Medvecky Scoops 'em again.

Merrianne Jessop is going home leaving foster care going to be with family. Bill is right again.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "Texas Judge Barbara Walther approved a plan that allows the 14-year-old girl to live with Naomi Carlisle, an FLDS member and a distant relative who moved to San Antonio from Utah last year to help families affected by the raid.

'We're absolutely elated, and we feel like this has been an answer to prayers,' said Willie Jessop, a spokesman for the polygamous sect."
"The Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, opposed the relative placement and asked Walther to keep the girl in foster care.

"Our largest concern was [Carlisle] has a 15- and a 17-year -old son in Utah and she has left them there and come out here to raise someone else's daughter," said Debra Brown, executive director. "CASA thought that was a little weird. And it just felt like with the track record and problems we've had on visitation we would have felt she was safer in foster care."

A CASA volunteer had been visiting with the girl about once a month but Walther asked them to meet with her more regularly, Brown said."

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Safer in foster care. I suggest the CASA workers go look at the Legally Kidnapped site for an idea as to how "safe" foster care really is.