Saturday, May 02, 2009

R.I.P. Danny Gans

Danny is gone at age 52, apparently in perfect shape, except for whatever ailment got him.

Every day is a gift from God and we can all go at any time. No accidents, no cancer, just zap, and you're called to the great beyond. Like the parable of the Rich Man in scripture, who thought he had everything set, our lives can be required of us at any time, rich or poor.

Why do I remember Danny Gans? Third from the left, first on the right is "Third Baseman Deke" of the fictional Durham Bulls. Profane and bawdy, Bull Durham is an instructive movie about life, the life most of us lead. Not headlining in Vegas as Danny went on to do, but obscurely fading after standing briefly in the sunlight as "Crash" Davis did.

Being in the rough and tumble world of Car Sales, I often imagine myself to be the equivalent of Crash in my world. I have been in "the Show" only to get sent back to the "minors" over and over again. "All my limbs put together are worth 7 cents a pound--and that's for science and dog meat." Danny was in the minors in the movie world. Fortunately for him he had a second career. He was a huge hit in Vegas.

Bull Durham is my "Godfather" when it comes to secular instruction in the ways of life. It could just as easily be about the car business, but more people understand baseball. Danny played a role in that movie. I thank him for it. I have gotten endless hours of pleasure and insight from it watching it year in and year out. Danny played his part well.

Many of you saw more of Danny in his Vegas show. I know nothing about the man personally but will always remember his face in his one "starring" role in pictures. He is survived by his wife and three children. Eventually Danny chose Vegas so that he could be with them. Life was short for him, but it seems to me he chose well.

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