Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prima Facie Evidence that there was "No Cause" for entry of YFZ

Most if this occurs as a reply to one of my previous posts. I thought it might be an important enough thought to make it a post itself.

There must be a standard for entry into a home other than "I'm really really really sure something bad is going on in there.

Let's review. We have a caller who alleged certain crimes who needed coaching to reach the level of being believable.

We have Doran and Long both saying that they think she might be lying about her age and name. They have to be expressing real doubt because of the next point.

Their doubt is not expressed as has been suggested, because they think she may have lied to the hospital, because they did not call the hospital. Thus they attest to having doubts that are contemporaneous with her call, about her truthfulness regarding Name and Age. That means they don't really believe her.

Doran withholds evidence, namely, Rozita's phone number. He has not been forthcoming so we don't know how long he withheld the evidence, but we do know that before the raid was over he had her phone number and called it, because his phone number is on Rozita's phone.

Long Lies. He said there was an investigation of "Sarah's" visit to the emergency room, he said so in testimony to the Arizona court.

Thus law enforcement is shown to have manipulated the facts during the raid an after the raid. They lied during the raid and after the raid to cover it up. They cannot be trusted. Common sense tells us we have found but the tip of the iceberg.

For freedom to exist, cause must exist to abridge freedom. Crimes often go undetected and unpunished because no cause exists. The very fact that Long and Doran (and who knows how many others) lied to manufacture cause says THERE WAS NO CAUSE because if there was cause THEY WOULD NOT HAVE LIED BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO NEED. The lying and withholding of Doran and Long are prima facie proof that no cause existed.

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yutthehay said...

Flora May Jessop!

TxBluesMan said...

So where is the prima facie proof?

You claim it in your headline, but all you show is supposition in the body of your post.

Even Goldstein admitted that there was no evidence that the officers knew of a hoax...

The Pharisee said...

Blues, cited previously in this blog and linked to the appropriate articles.

The police and prosecution always use fleeing Law Enforcement as part of the case that a suspect might be guilty. It is justification for deadly force.

Lying, as Brooks Long did in December of last year, in his statement to the court through Michael Piccarreta, saying he CALLED or HAD the hospital called to see if "Sarah" had been there, when he did not, as established over last weekend's testimony, is the equivalent of FLEEING.

He's COVERING UP. You lie about the facts surrounding your tip because it's NOT PROBABLE CAUSE if presented with those facts. Otherwise you'd tell the truth. Long Lied because to tell the truth would not have gotten the warrant.

Doran withheld. He had Rozita's phone number before the weekend of the 13th, and was calling it. He has only admitted to this because his phone number was found on Rozita's phone which Texas has testified was taken from her apartment.

They both discussed the FACT that they think "Sarah" lied about her age, and her name. They CANNOT be referring to her lying to the hospital, though they may wish us to think this is what they meant, because they DIDN'T CALL the hospital. Since there was no fact set that was investigated, they cannot be theorizing about her lying to anyone but those she called.

This also was withheld. Doran withheld evidence of his and Long's own doubt regarding the identity and age of their caller, proving that there was no cause. REMEMBER, they say their doubt was contemporaneous to her call, and prior to the issuance of the warrant, and because they did not call the hospital, their doubt is now tied absolutely to only one fact set. The caller, and her claim that she was 16 year old "Sarah." This is in fact what they did doubt, and doubted before the warrant was issued.

If this doubt had been communicated to Walther would she have issued the warrant? The cover up of this real and testified to doubt is the equivalent of a suspect fleeing apprehension and proof of their guilt in covering up that they did not have probable cause.

yutthehay said...


Have you ever met Flora May? Why don't you ask her out? She is just your style.

Flora May Jessop is proof enough.