Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey! I thought of that too! Or was that oneth? Firstest?

Almost immediately after the list of closing Chrysler Dealers came out, and it was a bit skewed from what personal experience said was "good sense," I began to wonder.
Was the Perpetually Campaigning Obama Administration persecuting Republican Campaign Contributors? My wife and I discussed it, and I complained that it was a great story, and I utterly lacked the resources to follow it up. So I didn't.

Too bad for me, and too bad for the wonderful self promotion it would have provided but I figured someone one notice if it was happening.

Some did.

Thanks to the Common Room for pointing to the stories.

Here at "Hyscience."

At "Redstate."

"Hot Air".

"Michelle Malkin."

And Reuters.

It would have been indecent to throw it out there as speculation without foundation but there were stories of recently renovated large market Chrysler dealerships that had been cut off.

Additionally there are inexplicable examples of closures, and non closures that I can cite from personal experience. Holes in the wall in no place USA, still open and surrounded by competitors at all points of the compass.

To be fair though most Car Dealers are Republican, at least in my subjective experience. Raving support for Barack Obama didn't do Flanagan's any good when the axe flew.

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