Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The other shoe drops in Rozita's court cases, something stinks?

This of course was dictated by her trial being moved to August.
KKTV Colorado Springs - "A court hearing for a woman identified as a person of interest in the calls that triggered a raid on a Texas polygamist group has been postponed.

Rozita Swinton faces legal proceedings stemming from two false reporting cases in Colorado that are unrelated to the Texas raid.

A Douglas County judge had been set to decide Monday whether to revoke Swinton's probation there because she now faces charges in Colorado Springs.

The judge decided to delay a decision until August 20, after the Colorado Springs case is expected to be resolved. Swinton has pleaded not guilty that case.

In Douglas County, Swinton was put on probation after telling police she was a 16-year-old girl who was suicidal after giving birth. She faces jail time if found guilty of violating her probation."
There's a small problem though. Rozita's trial in El Paso county has been scheduled for August 31st. She has plead guilty in the Castle Rock case in nearby Douglas County and has received a deferred sentence. This scheduling of the hearing regarding probation revocation is set for 11 days before her trial, the outcome of which determines whether or not her deferred sentence will be enacted. Namely, her guilty plea will go on the record, and she will be sentenced.

So either this is an error, or some sort of procedural move. If it is a procedural move maybe there is some protocol that the probation revocation/plea bargain hearing can't be put off more than perhaps 3 months. She would then be scheduled as far out as she can be scheduled and we can expect another change of date.

Or Douglas county expects things to be over by then which is what the story says. This would mean the August 31st court date is one no one expects to happen. Some sort of deal is in the offing. Speculation runs wild at this point. Is Texas taking Rozita? Are charges going to be dropped in El Paso County? Etc, Etc. Hard to figure but it bears watching. I hardly think that those involved are up to something good in this case. Texas almost has to be involved in the "deal."

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