Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arrest David Doran

I said LE knew about Rozita DURING the raid.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Texas Ranger Philip) Kemp also found a 90-second call from (Sheriff David) Doran's cell phone to (Rozita) Swinton on April 8, 2008. Doran never told rangers he had the number until Kemp asked him about it.

The Sheriff said he heard only silence in the 90-second call."
Sheriff David Doran withheld material information, during the raid. I contended that LE knew about Rozita DURING, not after the raid, on more than one occasion. I did so after gathering news from personal contacts with the principals in the story.
February 5th, 2009 "Since I have documented a link in the bureaucratic communication that had to be at least the SECOND, not the FIRST investigation into the matter, this means that somewhere in between the 3rd of April and the 11th, they knew. The likelihood with bureaucratic non urgent communications being as they are. (SEE PEARL HARBOR AGAIN) it took a good deal of time. That means sometime well before the 11th. Probably no later in April than the 6th."
Since the date keeps being pushed back, and since the men who tell us it was later, not earlier, and they knew less earlier as opposed to later are men now demonstrated to have lied, bald faced. I think it's fair to say that my fair estimate of "no later than April the 6th, 2008" will be found (eventually) to be more than gracious.

Brooks Long and David Doran have both now been shown to have obstructed justice by withholding or lying (or both) about facts. We cannot believe them about what they knew (being not much) and when they knew it (being much later). We have to doubt it all.

As I have also said about motive, motive becomes important when someone is shown to be lying. A truthful man may have an ulterior motive, but still speaks the truth and his motivations must be discounted if the information is pertinent. An untruthful man must be evaluated in terms of what he might gain from his lying, and his actions must be attributed to those discovered gains.

Brooks and Doran gain entry to YFZ by lying. They hide their criminal activity by lying. They must be assumed to be hiding further criminal activity by lying until they are proved to have done otherwise. Short form? They can't be trusted and must be assumed to have lied about everything. It must be assumed that they will lie again to minimize the damage.

We also now have a real conspiracy. Two or more people plotting against others, using falsehood to gain what they want. That is "an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act."

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