Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arrest Brooks Long

This is step one. He lied in an affidavit and/or under oath to the court.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "(A private) investigator for (FLDS Attorney Gerry) Goldstein testified that he checked with the Schleicher County Medical Center and learned no one from law enforcement had ever attempted to verify the caller's claim of being treated there for broken ribs. That contradicts testimony by (Texas Ranger Brooks) Long, who said that was done by the district attorney's office."
Brooks of course may legitimately implicate someone else, such as a person who REALLY and TRULY told him from the DA's office that they did in fact call. There could be other mitigating circumstances such as the discovery of actual notes revealing such a call was made. I grant that if the officer was telling the truth and if the DA did in fact call, that they're hardly expecting the defense to successfully discover evidence that they did not call.

As it stands now, the most likely explanation of the testimony by the FLDS hired private investigator is that no one called. This raises the point of active conspiracy, real and actual. This says that Texas Ranger Lieutenant Brooks Long perjured himself and that he and several others did so in support of the warrant used to enter YFZ. A warrant that you lie to obtain is a prima facie case for there being no probable cause.

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1 comment:

ztgstmv said...

Doran said he questioned the caller about his height, weight, eye color, hair color, social security number and drivers license number. Everything matched, but Doran said he could not verify the caller was Barlow.
Now why on earth would he ask all these ID-related questions if he knew that all of them, even if answered correctly, would be insufficient to verify the person's identity.

Either Doran's a complete imbecile, or he's lying. I'm leaning toward the latter.