Saturday, May 16, 2009

You talkin' ta me? (UPDATED)

"If you want to interview someone. Don't shot yourself in the foot by talking about them before an interview, write or publish things about them that is not true or have been proven."
"No one will get an interview who has done this. Why would anyone in their right mind be interviewed by someone who appears bias right off the bat? I believe in interviews face to face none of the over the phone b*llshit.

If you are truly interested in interviewing someone don't try and blow smoke up their ass for an interview. Just freaking ask, how hard is that? Then when you are asked a question by the 'potential interviewee' answer it and don't dance around the question. If you want an interview expect questions to be ask of you before hand. What people/media fail to realize is that not everyone you want to interview is a complete idiot. Maybe if you give them some credit they would consider speaking with you.

We* have no problem setting up interviews as long as it is with a respectable person/network/reporter who is not bias one way or another. We thank those of you who have requested and welcome others. If you have done any of the above mentioned items, then don't bother waisting your time even asking."
Yes, I've asked Rozita for an interview. Apparently so have others. I can only suppose that I am one of, if not the one she is talking about here, at least with reference to some of the points the blogger makes. One of the comments says this is directed at me personally.
"Pharisee *cough cough*

I dont' know why people think they can get somewhere after being so flippantly rude about everything. It amazes me."
I thought rude was calling in a phony police report that could have ended up with a large loss of life. I don't owe Rozita an apology unless she can prove you didn't make the calls. They were her phones.

Is the blogger Rozita? Almost certainly. If not the blogger is playing with fire since she is in the middle of one of the biggest frauds perpetrated by the police in recent years. The search for a scapegoat is beginning in earnest so playing peek-a-boo with the mighty and amoral is a dangerous thing to do.

I'd say this one thing to the blogger. Of all the people out there who have written about you, but haven't met you, I probably know you the best. Enemies are intimate, and are often your potential best friends. You have after all, the same interests. Keep that in mind.

(UPDATE) These are the comments, so far, that "Rozita" has published on "What Princess Says Goes."
"Anonymous" said...

Pharisee *cough cough*

I dont' know why people think they can get somewhere after being so flippantly rude about everything. It amazes me.

15 May, 2009 14:43

"Anonymous" said...

I would be interested in possibly interviewing you if your Rozita or Rozita. I will check with my editor and get back to you.

15 May, 2009 15:03
Blogger "The Pharisee" said...

I'd love to Rozita, but I don't have the time or $$$ to do this in person.

Maybe you can get us both on Oprah or O'Reilly or Larry King. I'm sure they would listen to you, you're far more important than I am.

As an antagonist (in your view), I am better equipped to interview you than anyone else out there. Though I am sure my knowledge is in error in some places, in others, it's not.


16 May, 2009 07:57
Blogger "Rozita" said...

Hugh, What makes you better equipped to interview Rozita than anyone else out there? Nothing but bias has been shown on your part. A true journalist does not get emotionally involved in a "story." If this had been something that you had been reporting on for years or decades and you had family connections involved I could see it. Granted there are times it occurs we're all human.

You jumped on the bandwagon and started spewing hate. No one would hire you as a journalist with that approach.

16 May, 2009 08:25
"The Pharisee" said...

I'm not looking to get hired as a journalist.

Besides, I have a blog bigger than some of the smaller newspapers out there already.

There's no story in being interviewed by someone like "Kate Rosemary," but there would be one in being interviewed by moi.

If you want I can arrange someone more objective. I just want the story told.
16 May, 2009 08:33
"Jam Inn" said...

Rose Mr. Hugh just wants to feed his ego and 'scoop' Bill "Wacky" Medvecky for his blog site. You see Mr. McBryde has convinced only himself that he can investigate you better than the Texas Rangers can do in the ona and only interview of you. You remember, the interview that asked about "Sarah" and ended with no co-operation or information from you. He is well aware that you are facing a charge and have an attorney to represent your interests but he ignores that fact and has chosen to be the 'SUPER' sleuth vigilante force of one. He posts his tripe on his blog and solicits "0" Comments, so don't rush into any eyewitness interview with this 'Child McBride" because you might become associated with his lowlife peer group.
16 May, 2009 08:54
*you got a mouse in your handbag?

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Toes said...

"If you want to interview someone. Don't shot yourself in the foot by talking about them before an interview, write or publish things about them that is not true or have been proven."

What kind of carp is this? The purpose of obtaining an interview, ostensibly, is to prove, disprove, or gain another perspective on what has been written before.

The problem in Rozita's case is, anyone who is interested in interviewing her has probably already written something about her, at the very least referring to her as a "hoax caller".

It's not a matter of "bias". It's a matter of pocket depth.

The Pharisee said...

carp? :)

Carol said...

16 May, Jam Inn said;
"He posts his tripe on his blog and solicits "0" comments."

We may not be commenting but we are reading every word.
What more could be said after "Mr. Hugh" writes his opinions! I do not believe Hugh to be biased. He, like so many of us want answers. If you (Are Rozita) why not tell your story? Are you being used by someone to cover truth that should be known? Why not get the calls and the truth out in the open?
I know I would never keep quiet if accusations were made against me that were not true.

Why don't you contact Oprah? I am sure she would love to have you a guest

The Pharisee said...

Blogs are like talk shows, there tends to be an inverse relationship between comments and views.

Of course, if no one views a blog, there are few comments.

After a certain point the more well read blogs have only a small percentage of the readers commenting.

It takes one kind of content to attract readers. It takes another kind of content to attract commenters. It's easy to get the phones to light up on local call in radio talk shows but what attracts those callers generally drives away listeners, same thing here.

I don't write this blog for commenters. I welcome them, and the comments here tend to be thoughtful but part of the reason I don't allow anonymous comments is because, as I said, I write this blog for the readers.

Toes said...

And I appreciate it, Pharisee!


Yes. C A R P.

It's either a typo, a word with the letters intentionally rearranged, or a fish (story). Take your pick.

The Pharisee said...


cheese said...

shot? ;)