Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apologies for a recent lack of content...

I've been trying to get in something in the way of content every day on the Modern Pharisee.
Right now, even though there is less news out there, there is still a lot to write about. It's fair to say I haven't been feeling well.

This is just one of those "functions of age." I'm either not as strong willed as others who fight through those various exhausting encroachments or I'm some sort of heroic warrior in the geriatric wars. Probably, it's closer to the first alternative. I'm just guessing here, I can't "be" someone else to try their situation on for size.

This sort of thing tends to be cyclical though the down cycles are longer and more frequent at my age. I'm sure there are 80 year olds out there laughing at my claim to be infirm even in the smallest way. So I apologize, because I am less prolific.

Work is demanding of my time and always has been. I arrive at 8am, and work until 7pm, rarely leaving the building. Whatever breaks I take, I generally take at my desk, and hence, you have all of these wonderful pieces of internet wisdom to keep up with. Hehehe...

Anyway, I'll get to feeling better sometime soon, and I could probably do with a larger computer screen, so as to see what I'm doing. One of the reasons I know I am tired, overly tired, is that I get up and wish I hadn't. I'm hoping about a week off will do it. and I have one coming up next month.

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