Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Told you So, Rozita's Trial delayed again, until August 31st

Why not just be honest and say "never?" What's the big deal? It's a misdemeanor trial, yet it is being delayed like a celebrity murder beef.
I of course reminded you of her high priced legal help yesterday, and expressed my doubts the trial would take place.
The Deseret News - "During a hearing in a Colorado Springs court (today), court records show the trial for Rozita Swinton, 34, on a charge unrelated to the Texas raid was vacated and rescheduled to begin Aug. 31. Swinton is charged with a misdemeanor count of false reporting, accusing her of pretending to be a sexually abused teenage girl in Colorado Springs who was chained in a basement."
Last week I spoke of the predictive mechanism I use for determining when it is that Rozita's trial will be scheduled and why. I may be wrong about the motives of her attorney and those behind the scenes, but isn't it odd that it serves as a perfect predictor of what will happen.

David Foley won't try Rozita's case with Allen Steed's case up in the air. He wants to see what happens there first. Foley wants the evidence situation resolved in Texas and Arizona regarding the FLDS raid, and he wants to know if Allen Steed will be convicted of rape. He will twist and maneuver to make sure his client never goes to court before these story lines play out.

Foley wants no chance of Swinton being asked in court if she made the phone call to YFZ, which would of course, be a violation of her deferred sentencing arrangement. You can believe completely that Rozita will get off entirely of her Colorado charges, if the ones in Texas become moot. The deal is already made, they just can't announce it until the dust settles, so they put the trial that will never happen off, again, and again and again. If someone wants to know what Rozita knows, they'd better sue her.

What's the big deal? How is Rozita harmed by a mere misdemeanor conviction? That she could easily live down. It's just that no one can know, if Texas can help it, what Rozita knows.

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