Saturday, May 16, 2009

Walther struggles to gain control, Rozita subject spills out into court, Texas admits there is no "Sarah"

She imposes a "time limit."
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "It is the fourth day of the session, and 51st District Judge Barbara Walther opened proceedings by imposing a time limit.

'One hour per side per witness...' "
She made the 400 plus kid soup that is the evidence mess with a hoax tip, now she wants to be home in time for dinner?

This also tells a witness that if they can obfuscate and drag their feet for a while, they can get out of saying anything.

I continue to be amazed that the Judge actually thinks she can dictate the size of the evidence notebook that is presented to her and the amount of time a witness can be on the stand.

Texas also officially acknowledges Rozita Swinton:
"Defense attorney Kent Schaffer called Texas Ranger Sgt. Phillp Kemp, who confirmed information in reports regarding Rosita (sic) Swinton, the woman now known to have made the hoax call to a San Angelo shelter for battered women that ultimately led to the April 3, 2008, raid on the polygamous sect's Yearning for Zion Ranch."
Kemp also tries to sell the story that Texas didn't know this until April 16th, 2008. Well, at least he may not have known.
"Kemp acknowledged in brief answers to Schaffer's lengthy questions that cell phone records obtained after the raid showed an array of calls from four cell phone numbers traced to Swinton, who lives in Colorado Springs, Colo., including calls to NewBridge Family Shelter in San Angelo, a shelter in Everett, Wash., and former sect member Flora Jessop in the days before the raid.

Kemp also testified that Texas law enforcement authorities learned that Swinton had an extensive record of such vexatious calls. She posed as Sarah Barlow, a 16-year-old girl living on the YFZ Ranch, mother to one child and pregnant with another, who claimed to have been abused by her husband, Dale Barlow, in calls to both the San Angelo and Everett shelters, Kemp testified. Swinton, Kemp said he was told by Colorado authorities, had posed variously as persons named Erica, April and Jennifer in calls reporting she had been raped, forced into incest, forced to have multiple abortions, and held against her will in a basement by drug dealers.

In the call to Flora Jessop, Swinton pretended to be Sarah Barlow's sister, Laura, Kemp said.

The information came out after the raid, Kemp said, and he learned about it when he was sent to Colorado on April 16, 2008, to consult with authorities there."
And "Sarah?" She is now officially non existent.
"It was only in the days after the raid that authorities determined that no such person as Sarah Barlow existed, the state has said."
This may well spill over into next week:
"The session may continue into the afternoon. Defense attorney Jerry Goldstein informed the court that one witness, retired probation officer Bill Loader, is being brought to San Angelo from out of state and is not expected to arrive until late in the afternoon."

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Anonymous said...

What about the stuff they got from Rozita's apartment. What about the inside information Rozita was getting, who was feeding her information, and did that person or persons communicate with LE around the same time?

"They think it's legitimate, that Sarah really does exist," said Susan Risdon, who talked with the shelter's director Friday about the issue. "She had so much information about what was going on at the compound. If it was this woman in Colorado, she would have had to have someone on the inside feeding her information." -link"Days later, Sarah told the Washington state shelter she was among the FLDS women and children in state custody in San Angelo. She explained she was using the cell phone of a Colorado cousin. And she dropped in small, accurate details, such as the name of a woman who worked at the San Angelo shelter, which had not been reported by news media, and a rainstorm that hit one night, according to a later Colorado arrest warrant request." linkDoes or did Doran have a brain enough to be just mildly inquisitive as to the true source of Swinton's machinations?

Doran dodged the issue and claimed that he had seen the locations described in the calls and that the caller would have to be inside the ranch to have included so many details."I think Doran's still dodging the issue, because he knows good and well what was going on.

yutthehay said...

Think about it! Flora is an FLDS hater. and she had contact with Rozita a month before the calls. So there really is no question who was feeding her information that was only partly correct.

The Pharisee said...

We'd certainly like to see the phone records, that's for sure. Rumor has it Flora had an "accident" with her hard drive, erasing recordings of their conversations.