Saturday, May 16, 2009

And now, the Rangers just resort to LYING, Walther admits an Evidentiary hearing is necessary.

When all the dodges, the hiding behind "Secret Grand Juries" and Judge's peticoats give way, what do tough Texas Rangers Do? LIE. They just plain lie, bald faced. These are not men. They shame their uniforms.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "(A)n investigator for defense attorney Gerald Goldstein testified that he checked with the Schleicher County Medical Center and learned that no one from law enforcement had ever sought medical records related to the caller's claim of receiving treatment there for broken ribs. That contradicts testimony by Texas Ranger Brooks Long, who said earlier this week that the Tom Green County prosecutor had inquired about the records."
So Brooks is exposed as a liar. That means everything he says is now called into question and cannot be believed unless it is corroborated. Not by the testimony of OTHER liars, but by hard evidence. Phone records for instance. By the way, one of the reasons you don't call hospitals and confidently state that no one came into the emergency room by that description? You already know no one came into the emergency room fitting the description of Sarah. One of the reasons you know there is no "Sarah" in an emergency room? You already know the calls are coming from Rozita Swinton. Just a thought here.

Next liar? Philip Kemp. Allegedly it was Brooks Long that was calling the Colorado Springs Police Department on April 13th, a Sunday, in 2008 to investigate Rozita Swinton. Now we are simply asked to believe a new story contrary to those published reports I have already proven were false?
"(Ranger Philip) Kemp said he was asked to investigate the calls on April 14, 11 days after authorities received a search warrant that gave them access to the sect's ranch. Authorities removed 439 children from the ranch last spring after receiving Swinton's calls."
Sorry boys, your Modern Pharisee already talked to CSPD on this one. We are now asked to accept bald faced a new date and a new caller. Not Brooks Long on the 13th, but Philip Kemp on the 14th.

The problem is it wasn't either of them on the 13th or the 14th. It could have been one of them earlier than that. The FBI made contact with CSPD, probably looking for someone for Kemp to dance with that week. That means, as I have contended before, that it was already known who Rozita was before that. Kemp's alleged Monday the 14th "investigation" is most likely a set up. A staged event to mark on the calender when it was that the "shocking" news of Rozita was "discovered."

I saw this coming.
"This is pretty much going to be the evidentiary hearing," Walther said (this) afternoon.
On no you don't. It's your resistance that has forced this proceeding to turn into a near evidentiary hearing, but you don't get to change it to that because you have lost control. Everyone deserves real notice for one thing.

If Walther says this IS the evidentiary hearing, then she has now admitted the evidence standard was cleared by a country mile, that an evidentiary hearing was dictated by weight of the evidence a long time ago.

Now she's trying to pull the fast one of limiting the hearing, and tricking attorneys who were not prepared to argue admissibility, only the need to have such a hearing. If you admit that you're having the hearing already, then you admit to it's necessity. If you admit to it's necessity, you admit to the need to do it right.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it a little bit strange that they waited 14 days to start corroborating the initial calls, when they could have done that in the first few hours?

Good point about Long's not checking the hospital because there's no reason to.

I think they pretty much should assume there was a conspiracy of some sort going on, and build on that. The defense should ask to see those notes from Swinton's apartment, check the phone records from that period -- FOR THEMSELVES -- to see who she was in communication with and who put her up to it. If the evidence has been scrubbed, put the pile of filth on the stand, and show the world what a lovely person Flora Jessop and Co. thinks Rozita Swinton is, and who is being covered up so dilligently by the state of Texas.

The Pharisee said...

Right, why look if you aleady know you'll find no corroborating evidence? It's a waste of time. You can claim you called and found nothing because anyone following up on you will find...nothing.

Of course, being small down cops they don't ever think someone will call and ask if they called. Now why didn't I think of that? Of course that's what they were counting on.

Carol said...

In gosanangelo article,
"Written Briefs OK" Steve Mild who testified about a briefing given by Ranger Long before the raid, Mild said the groups arrayed to go in were told to expect to remove 20-30 children.
The operational plan, however was for LE to secure the perimenter of the ranch while authorities went to search for Sarah and Dale Barlow.
This does not make sense! They are searching for Dale and the abused Sarah, but are expecting to remove 20-30 children. Why?
Lordie, I hope the truth all comes out very soon, this web is becoming more entangled.

The Pharisee said...

It's starting to look like Pastor Anderson was out of town for a reason and Walther hoped he would end up just end up not testifying.