Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yes Martha, Texas KNEW about Rozita before the raid was over.

The only questions of course being, how much did they know, and when did they know it. This starts to look like a full on cover up/conspiracy more and more each day.
I made these humorous points to another blogger who is a doubter and another blog. I liked them so much, I made them into a post here.
I will give you some of the various governing laws and principles that affect the flow of communications within a bureaucracy. All of these are squared as to effect when between two agencies, cubed when between three. There are three agencies involved here, that I know of, hence it took more than two days, or even three to get from the discovery of Rozita to the discovery of the Peace Officer with knowledge of her crimes. It in fact represents communications that are relative to light speed for Brooks Long to contact CSPD before the middle of the month. I personally was astounded. We must however assume that normally, the complexity of this path of communication means that the Texas Rangers, or the FBI knew about Rozita before any of them (the Rangers, the FBI and Rozita) even existed.

Law of Communications:

"The inevitable result of improved and enlarged communications between different levels in a hierarchy is a vastly increased area of misunderstanding." (What he said)

The Army Axiom:

"Any order that can be misunderstood has been misunderstood." (It was a miracle!)

Spark's 10th Rule for Project Managers:

"Give all orders verbally. Never write anything down that might go into a 'Pearl Harbor File.' " (they obeyed this law, I'm impressed)

Cornuelle's Law:

"Authority tends to assign jobs to those least able to do them." (They asked the wrong guy)

Parkinson's Third Law:

"Expansion means complexity; and complexity decay." (There were at least 9 people in the chain of communications. The message should have been destroyed once, lost once and repeated a total of three times before reaching the end.)

Parkinson's Fifth Law:

"If there is a way to delay an important decision, the good bureaucracy, public or private, will find it." (This was important, I rest my case)

Gresham's Law:

"Trivial matters are handled promptly; important matters are never solved." (this was too important to attend to quickly)

Weinberg's First Law:

"Progress is made on alternate Fridays." (Progress was made on the 4th, thus no progress was made on the weekend of the 11th. This, is absolute and utter proof, I should have led with it.)

Cheops's Law:

"Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget." (only the scheduling part of this law need be applied, YFZ took care of the budget.)

Katz's Law:

"Men and nations will act rationally when all other possibilities have been exhausted." (Proof? All other possibilities had been exhausted, and that takes a long time)"
I thank the website "Murphology" for providing such a long list of such laws, complete with appropriate errors, as are necessary.

I say this half (okay, I'm lying, 1/3) humorously. The points are real after the laughing is over.

We are asked to believe, in light of the new evidence I have found, that is largely being ignored, that a bureaucracy, actually at least THREE bureucracies, sprung into action on Sunday, the 13th of April, 2008, communicated effectively and efficiently on that SUNDAY to the point of ultimate resolution. The Texas Rangers called the FBI in San Angelo, on a Sunday, and then they found someone in Colorado Springs' FBI on that Sunday that had no personal connection with the Agent in Texas and no urgency was communicated to him. (Why? Agent Steve A. Smith would remember the name of that Agent in Texas if it was an emergency.)

He then calls in this non urgent state ( The Message will continue to carry with it the tone of no urgency) Sean Mandel (Third Agency) who calls Hugh Velasquez who calls Terry Thrumston and if we're KIND, Terry Thrumston immediately calls back the FIRST UNNAMED FBI Agent in Texas (who's name Agent Steve A. Smith does not recall and apparently did not pass along) and tells him to have Brooks Long "Call me."


The whole point of this humorous post is that information travels slowly in a bureaucracy. It travels even more slowly between them. It travels even more slowly when the message isn't marked "urgent." (See the original warning to Pearl Harbor about the ATTACK.)

The fact is, that once I uncovered this chain of communication, we have to believe it took a long time, relatively speaking. The time frame for discovery of Rozita Swinton stretches backwards towards about March 30th, 2008. It stretches forward to April 13th, 2008. Somewhere in there she was discovered.

Since I have documented a link in the bureaucratic communication that had to be at least the SECOND, not the FIRST investigation into the matter, this means that somewhere in between the 3rd of April and the 11th, they knew. The likelyhood with bureacratic non urgent communications being as they are. (SEE PEARL HARBOR AGAIN) it tood a good deal of time. That means sometime well before the 11th. Probably no later in April than the 6th.

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ztgstmv said...

I believe you said the Rangers contacted the CSPD before they knew about Swinton. What was the nature of that contact? Was it to inform them of a possible emergency call or inquire as to prior history on possible hoax calls?

When did Flora Jessop enter the equation and who did she turn the phone number over to?

Damn, there's just too much we don't know. Aren't all TX govt communications open to their Freedom of Information act?

The Pharisee said...

In short, what I've proven (unless Mandel and Smith are lying) is that there are three investigations.

An unknown investigation that finds Rozita Swinton.

The SECOND investigation that is an "in search of" investigation. It is really "In Search of Someone for Brooks Long to Talk to" investigation. This is the channel of communication I discovered. In reality, no one calls police departments to find out about phone numbers. Particularly the FBI who has the powers of the Patriot Act at their disposal.

When the FBI calls through Smith and Mandel, they're not looking for Rozita, they're looking for someone to talk to about Rozita. They already know or have a dang good idea. Bare minimum the Smith/Mandel communication is about the knowledge of calls coming from the Colorado Springs area on several cell phones. It is casual in level of urgency, so again, it does not speak of discovery of the caller, it's a call to find someone to talk to.

Then Bumbling Brooks is given a note that says "Hey, genius, call Hugh Velasquez" and he calls.

That last link in the chain is what we are asked to believe is the entire chain and we are asked to believe Brooks called on Sunday, conveniently, when no office staff is around to document the call.

An FOI request that had records of all their cell phones and emails would be very instructive.

That's why I'm trying to get Mark D. White, FBI Dallas to tell me if there is a "case" or was one, and when it was opened.