Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feel the Wrath, FLDS

The state is a terrible monster to fight, in any country, with any form of Government. We don't have a "Good" state and other countries "Bad" ones. They're all bad. We keep ours in check though less so every passing day. One of the reasons why is the terrible power they have combined with human nature. Count on every tidbit of salacious evidence, good or bad, coming out in the next few hours, days and weeks. Regardless of the Supreme Court of Texas' decision;

The Salt Lake Tribune - "The state hinted at witnesses that would create more fireworks and 51st District Judge Barbara Walther, stung by the appellate court's criticism, egged the department on.

The court canceled other status hearings set for the day, but the calendar remains intact for Wednesday, according to a spokesman. Five judges had waded through dozens of cases by noon Thursday, before the Third Court of Appeals ruling brought the process to a standstill."

I thought a Judge wasn't supposed to take a position in a case, she was supposed to hear facts. Clearly not. Clearly there is no pretense of this romantic notion any longer. It's the State, in all it's power, VS the FLDS and it's members. If the results were to be measured by power alone, this would be over already. My wife observed yesterday that if this were Hitler's Reich, they'd be in graves now for almost two months.

Never think we are better than Stalin's USSR, than Hitler's Germany, than Pol Pot's Kampuchia or Idi Amin's Uganda. We are the SAME. Our conventions and our laws keep us safe. We need to uphold them on this front. The FLDS fight for us all.

Hi ho, Hi ho....

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1 comment:

Robert said...

This is the reason that we all need to be contacting our representatives, and expressing our outrage.

If this continues, you will be directly impacted by the loss of freedoms if not sooner, definitely later...