Monday, January 12, 2009

15 FLDS kids remain.

Reading the article shows just how hard it will be to get the label "abuser" removed
, once it's been affixed to your name.

The Deseret News
- "28 individuals have asked for an administrative review of Texas Child Protective Services' findings, the agency said. It came after letters were sent out over the past several months, identifying individuals in 91 cases as perpetrators of child abuse or neglect."

91 cases of abuse and neglect, 28 people have objected to the label, BUT:

"The 439 children were returned to their families in June, after two Texas courts ruled the state acted improperly and the children were not at immediate risk of abuse. The phone call itself is believed to be a hoax. Only 15 children remain under court jurisdiction in what was once the nation's largest child custody case. The rest have been "nonsuited" after CPS found either no evidence of abuse and neglect, or said that parents had taken appropriate steps to protect their children from abuse."

Only 15 kids are still under court jurisdiction. Maybe some of the 91 cases of abuse, and 28 people objecting are cases of "aging out" but it would seem CPS returned some children that were labeled neglecters and abusers. Do the time but not the crime? A Scarlet letter but no Dimmesdale?

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ztgstmv said...

I think that's unconstitutional. It's taking away someone's liberties without Due Process (Court ruling, jury trial, etc.). This was a one-sided ruling by CPS that a given person is an abuser. That is in effect now. Sure it can be appealed. But their liberties have been infringed as of now, without Due Process. It's unconstitutional!

The Pharisee said...

That seems to stop people less and less.