Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just A Reminder. It's FLORA DEPOSITION DAY!!

What would be better than Merril and Willie taking the fifth?
Flora taking the fifth. Oh please, please, please. It would be the equivalent of the Titantic striking an iceberg. If Flora takes the fifth for anything in regards to the raid at YFZ, then the State's case will start to crumble. It will be a gash to the hull to large for the ship to stay afloat, it will sink. Slowly, and in Arizona first, but it will sink.

Of course if she just answers questions possibly without a lawyer, that will be fun enough. Willie and Merril taking the fifth does not hurt their case, they're on defense. Flora taking the fifth means there is some unspoken truth underlying the circumstances surrounding the YFZ raid last April. It may insulate Ms. Jessop from harm, but it will severely damage the State's case.

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Silver Rose said...

So...? What happened? No one 'leaked' the deposition? Did Flora-dora show up with a news crew? Did the deposition take place??

The Pharisee said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I was hoping someone would.

The deposition of Merril Jessop was leaked because that's what those taking the deposition from him wanted.

The deposition of Flora Jessop most likely will not be leaked, unless the poledancer does it herself.

Warren's attorneys are looking for facts on which to build a case. Malonis, Walther and Texas are pandering to the press.