Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 21st Century Pharisee

One of my prayers has been answered. I was offered some tech help, and of course, took it. The Modern Pharisee is now even more modern, over the next few weeks, months, years, I hope to make more changes to improve the blog. Want to know how?
The first change relates to page rank which I am finding is hardly an arbitrary category. By hiding some of the content behind a "read more" teaser (as my helpful assistant calls it), I get two things. Page rank tells me with rough approximation who became more involved in a post to the point of "reading past the fold" or to the "continued" section of an article.

This crowds more content to the front page of the blog which in times of old (newspapers) was called "above the fold." If a newspaper is lying in front of you the most important content in terms of exposure is "above the fold." At a newspaper stand or seller or vendor, that's what you would see to attract you to buy the paper. Buying it is one level of interest (the Modern Pharisee's content is FREE) and opening it, another and going past page one to other pages, yet another.

Content is why people come to a publication. The front page is the honey for the bear. The rest of the publication in a less than perfect world is how content gets paid for. Content goes to work and advertisers clamor increasingly for space next to popular content. When you click to the "Read More" portion of the article on the front page, more space is available for advertising and appears next to the article of interest.

On the internet, articles have keywords and advertising tends to be relevant to those keywords and also relevant to viewer origin. You might see "Bitter Root Motors" and I might see "New Haven Nissan" because of where we are located. If the article is about Baboons, we might both see an ad for a local zoo or a "save the Baboon" fund.

All of this is to increase blog rank, position as a result of search engine inquiries and revenue. Revenue makes the Modern Pharisee warm at night, eat when he's hungry and give him a bigger carbon footprint. In view of the fact that we're not really warming anymore, but cooling instead, it is my social obligation to belch, smoke cigars, leave big clouds of diesel soot and otherwise cloud the planet with greenhouse gasses. As God intended.

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