Thursday, January 08, 2009

Congress to certify Electoral College results at 1 pm

This article at Wikipedia is instructive reading. If you read and understand, you will see how it provides for state, not Federal control of elections. It also provides for an inevitable process in which a President WILL BE ELECTED, either by some reflection of popular candidate or legislative process. The idea is that we get President chosen and challenges to that election process not deter the United States from finding a Chief Executive. The founders were geniuses
. You do NOT want a popular vote election. You want this. If you have any doubts, you have only to refer to Minnesota. A popular election of President might well result in civil war some day.

It makes it all the more interesting that SCOTUS will hear arguments tomorrow, not earlier, on the Obama Birth Certificate issue. There's really no point in doing it earlier. President of the Senate Dick Cheney could ask for the proof, from Obama, of his eligibility to be President of the United States. If he can't prove it, there's no need for SCOTUS to intervene. Congress would then have to pick a candidate from the top three vote getters (electoral college) for President. We would then have a President. Duly and legally elected, no need for court intervention.

Hence, they meet tomorrow, but if John McCain gets elected by Congress as one of the Top Three Electoral Vote "getters" as President, because Obama cannot show ID, then they have nothing to do tomorrow. I suspect no one plans to ask for ID. Maybe that's because they've seen it, perhaps that's because they don't wish to do their jobs.

This in my humble estimation explains why Philip Berg had no standing. Congress must do it's business first. He might have standing if they don't ask for Obamessiah's ID, and certify his election. Maybe SCOTUS sees this entirely as the province of the Legislature, which would be, after a fashion, a good thing, and perhaps a precedent of sorts that could be cited when there are court attempts to overturn elections.

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