Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mohave County "Daily News" sees claim of Texas Prior Knowledge of Hoax Call.

Every time I read the motion of Warren Jeffs attorneys, I see it a different way. First is seems they're claiming Texas knew who Rozita was, then they say they might have. The Daily News says Texas did know

KINGMAN, Mohave County, "The Daily News" - "Texas authorities were also aware that the two phones calls to a crisis hotline in Texas were from phone numbers outside of Texas and that the Colorado woman made numerous false reports of sexual abuse to police agencies, Piccarreta said."

What is unclear about the story is whether or not the reporter, Jim Seckler, actually spoke to Michael Piccarreta, or whether he simply gleaned that fact from the motion. Initially that's what your Modern Pharisee saw, then with the help of the readers of this blog, I saw qualifying remarks. Will Jim Seckler need to similarly adjust his article, or does he know something?

"(Mohave County Attorney Matt) Smith previously said he does not plan to use any of the evidence seized in the Texas raid at Jeffs' upcoming trial in Mohave County. The prosecutor opposes a hearing to suppress evidence saying he would be afraid if the Texas officers
testified at the trial in Mohave County, it could jeopardize the Texas case."

Juxtaposed this way, it might be for good reason. The evidence is tainted and Matt Smith knows it. In the meantime though he is perfectly willing to use evidence he wouldn't have, had the potentially "tainted" method of obtaining that evidence not have been employed. Matt Smith will not want the above evidence exclusion to occur, because of the domino effect that will take out other evidence he is using.

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