Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Daily Kos weighs in on FLDS Raids, again. Surprise, Surprise, I agree completely with them, it's about Religion!

There's always an overlap between conservatives and liberals on the issue of civil liberty and in that overlap is the space where Libertarians dwell. With that in mind, what did the "Daily Kos" say?
It's sad that as evidenced by articles like this, the area of libertarian intersection fails to grow. Read on.

Shane Hensinger - "I've stated this again and again. Persecuting and arresting polygamous Mormons is based on nothing more than a distaste and revulsion with polygamous relationships, which are fundamental to their religion. Despite all the claims to the contrary (FLDS practices welfare fraud (debunked), FLDS beats their children (debunked), child brides (happens but much less than claimed) and others the governments of the US and now Canada continue to harass FLDS members with failed raids and even more poorly thought-out prosecutions. History is littered with examples of these kinds of failed raids, from Short Creek in 1953 to Eldorado in 2008 and guess who has come out on top every single time? The FLDS.

I'm willing to bet this time things won't turn out any different but Canada is going to look a whole lot different when polygamy is legalized in the inevitable challenges the FLDS and other polygamous people are now sure to bring against the law currently prohibiting its practice."

I am as raging a conservative as I can possibly be. Kos? It is widely regarded as the most foaming at the mouth liberal site (by conservatives) on the net, yet what have I to disagree with here?

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1 comment:

ztgstmv said...

They called the Amish, their "Amish Brothers." If that's the sentiment of a "foaming liberal," call me one.

There's a difference sometimes, apparently, between a "liberal" and a "socialist."