Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ringing in the Era of State Sponsored Religion, in North America.

A premise for you to consider, if you think yourself capable of detached rational thought. Suppose, just for a moment, that God has created Men, directly in his image, and women, as a derivative of men, taken out of men, still reflecting God's image, but for man.
Namely, women would not exist if they were not for men. To read and accept as truth the creation story of Genesis you would have to come to this conclusion, or at least you'd be likely to. Now read Mindelle Jacobs article;

The Winnipeg Sun - "If we didn't like it, we wouldn't be here," a 28-year-old Bountiful mother of five who shares her husband with another woman told Sun Media last week. "It's as normal as a family can be."

This should be accepted at face value. If we do not accept this at face value, then we have to appoint religion and thought police to regulate what is acceptable to believe, and what religions are permitted. Mindelle believes she is qualified.

"(the above) comments reflect the devastating damage that the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and its polygamous lifestyle is having on Bountiful girls.

Females raised to believe that sharing their partners with multiple sister-wives is normal have been psychologically stunted by a sex-driven patriarchy. They just don't know it."

And of course, Mindelle is here to set things right. To accomplish this though, the religion of the Latter Day Saints must be completely eradicated. All their books burned, sought out, destroyed and its adherents marched off to concentration camps and systematically exterminated. This is not hyperbolic, it is a fact. Religions survive on fundamentalism. If it's just a cool story reflective of something in our collective psyche that deserves to be examined, reexamined and reinterpreted in the context of changing conditions and our ongoing evolution as a society, once that is known, the religion dies.

People by and large come to religion to get answers. They may be deluded and in fact we would have to say if we believe in objective truth in religion and the physical world, all religions save one, are delusions. If we deal with a God who delights in cruelty, or no God at all, then they're all delusions.

Elitists come to religion because of the crowd it gathers, because they have their own ego-centric agenda, they see a crowd, and they want access to that crowd so as to manipulate them, for their own purposes. Such persons are theological liberals, talking in God Words and Phrases that sound as if they agree with the fundamental tenets of a faith, but in fact, do not. What Mindelle proposes, and just doesn't know it, is that she believes society is the ultimate authority, and certifies all religion. Society is expressed through Government. Government is God. Government is content to allow religion to exist, as long as Government can tell religion what to believe.

Mindelle, religions die if the great unwashed out here (us) cease to believe that their God has sway over all worldly things. They abandon their religion. They may seek another. They do not stay in a "faith" that is shown to be simply a form of self expression or worse, government manipulation. Religions that hold to a basic set of beliefs without changing, grow or persist. Religions that change with the times shrink and are eventually abandoned.

I believe the LDS/Mormon/FLDS faith to be wrong. I would have to. I'm Orthodox Presbyterian. It is not however my place to tell them what to believe, for if it became my place to do so, by agency of the Government, then I too would submit to Government telling me what to believe. That's not going to happen.

She then descends to hysteria and falsehoods.

"Canada does not permit female genital mutilation -- a barbaric cultural/quasi-religious practice."

Female genital mutilation is a "quasi-religious practice" at best. It is irreversible. Government has no problem with divorce, so let these women do as they see best, regardless of who programmed them. If they're outwardly happy in their programming. There's nothing you can do, and more importantly, nothing you should do, other than talk to them if they are willing.

"Nor do we condone so-called honour killings of women deemed to have breached the norms of sexual behaviour. Such killings, tragically, are slowly creeping into western societies."

"Honour Killings" again are irreversible. At least in the Christian faith and its offshoots and new religions that have their roots in Christianity, civil punishment is not the province of the church. The only tool open to them is excommunication. Winston Blackmore is in Canada for precisely that reason.

Judaism can only practice its "intolerance" within the borders of its nation and to its fullest extent among its adherents while in that nation. Don't come to me and tell me it proposes stoning children in this country for disobedience. I have not seen any stories that suggest otherwise.

Christians and Jews in the United States and Canada need to wake up and stand with the FLDS, with Warren Jeffs, with Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler. If we do not, we're next. I have only to change a few words in the above quotes of Ms. Jacobs article. What if her article said this?

"her comment reflects the devastating damage that the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and its chauvinistic heterosexual lifestyle is having on young homosexuals who are programmed to live as heterosexuals.

Lesbians raised to believe that traditional marriage roles are normal have been psychologically stunted by a sex-driven patriarchy. They just don't know it."

Of course, then those victims would need her protection too. I'm warning all religious people, if a line is not drawn in the sand here, with the FLDS, defending their beliefs, we'll be next. Physical damage can be said to be the province of government. Once they become thought police, legislating what we can believe as damaging to us or not damaging to us, we are in the worst sort of trouble.

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Elusive Wapiti said...

Can't disagree here. We had a state church for all intents and purposes back in the late 1800s early 1900s. Look what it got us then.

Candada's hostility isn't just to Mormonism. They go after Bible-believing Christians too as subscribers to hate speech.

What Mindelle is doing, and doesn't know it, is acting as an agent of the State Church of Liberalism. She is a pharisee of the God of Secular Humanism, which like any other god, is jealous and doesn't want any other gods placed before it.

The irony is that, at some point in time, the pendulum will swing and those who are as intolerant as her will be in charge and enforce their views upon her with the government's blessing.

But the ignoramus doesn't know it.

ztgstmv said...

I don't know how you can compare plural marriage to honor killings and genital mutilation. Are people so stupid that they can't see she's just being disingenuous?

If "polygamy" is wrong, then so is polyamory, and having multiple boyfriends/girlfriends.

Moonaroo said...

I don't "disagree" with polygamy, but I have been taking an informal poll amongst people I know and in this process I have yet to meet a man who would want more than one wife...

Just to make things equal, I definitely have not ever met a woman who would want more than one husband. :-)

The Pharisee said...

LOL Moon, should I propose?