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Two books are written referencing Rozita Swinton before the Raid
. I'm not even sure if there was a YFZ when Vanity Publishing Whore Mary Catharine Nelson first put pen to paper on her forgettable tomes that she rushed right out and shamelessly hawked the moment Rozita's name hit the news. She's now all quiet about it, I suspect hoping to benefit from selling Rozita's story, once it's all over. Who do you think (speculation) is paying Rozita's considerable legal bills and mental health treatment bills?

Flora has made a cottage industry out of being an Anti FLDS activist. I guess you can't pole dance your way to stardom. God help her father if her allegations of about incestuous rape turn out to be true. It would really explain a lot, but women never lie about rape. Do they? Flora's book is out this week. I won't link to it. I will tell you that her DVD is "no longer availabe." Chasing the FLDS is Flora's fan dance since she can't sell peaks anymore.

Vancouver Sun Reporter Daphne Bramham has her book go to paperback this week. Accompanying Wag the Dog media event? Two Bountiful FLDS men are arrested for Polygamy. No doubt salacious charges were pursued by Canadian Law Enforcement. There weren't any. So they charged them with Polygamy to show they were "doing something."

Elissa Wall is persuaded by Flora that she is a victim, she has a book. It was published, oh my, to coincide with the YFZ raid. Her relatives advise David Doran. Flora Jessop is said to advise David Doran.

Follow the money. Elissa is trying to feed off the UEP trust, which may have nothing left in it after Bruce Wissan is done. Everyone is lining up for a book deal or a miniseries or a movie or all three. Government is being manipulated by the shameless publicity of the press. You don't get re-elected by seeming to do nothing about law breakers, so they go arrest, they go raid, they put people in jail, they interrogate, they pander. But they hate it. They'd rather polygamy be legal so they could pursue something else and not get hit up with questions about polygynists "abuse" during their elections, but they can't get elected, saying that.

I will warn the anti FLDS foes again, if you don't get results, then eventually Law Enforcement will turn on you. They don't enjoy being made fools of, they don't wish to be the football. The smiling young lady from Niger, takes off on the Tiger, but when she came back from the ride, the lady was inside, and a smile, was on the face of the Tiger.

Ask yourselves, those of you who hate the FLDS, will you survive having all your worldly goods turned out on the lawn and being sifted through? Will there be a seed of a marijuana plant, maybe a little "crank" in your houses? Will there be evidence of Tax Evasion? Are you lesbians or bisexuals? Will there be evidence of "molestation?" Violence? Abuse? There are oh so many laws that will be selectively applied by an angry Attorney General or Governor who doesn't like being used.

Several years ago I got an angry obscene call in the middle of the night from an angry man who took issue with me. He eventually persuaded the police to come visit me, who I voluntarily allowed into my home. Spooky similarity there, hmmmmmmm? These police were apologetic and embarrassed and had consented to see me just to shut up the hysterical complainer, from out of state.

Angry myself, I pursued the issue for a while and was eventually told by a Gallatin county detective that essentially, he could find a law (he actually named one) that he could use against me, if I didn't stop complaining. I was right. I received the obscene phone call but all that Donut munching moron was interested in was making the issue go away. He wasn't interested in interstate prosecution of a misdemeanor beef. Also, eerily similar to the present issue.

Eventually, when things continue to not pan out, when "wolf" has been cried enough, the Donut Muncher will be tired, of you. Perhaps he's not such a moron after all, and he will no longer be your plaything, and then, watch out.

In the meantime, if you want to know what's really going on at YFZ, and with the FLDS, follow the money, or at least, who's trying to or succeeding in making money off the event.

Also, remember something. My website is bigger than Flora's, has been for a while now. Does anybody really care what the FLDS are doing unless the "stuff" hits the fan? Why is she called about anything when her DVD's don't sell and are discontinued and her website gets no hits is she called about anything? Why is she interviewed? She's a STRIPPER for goodness sake. Call Donald Richter. Heck, call me. More people go looking for our sites than for hers when they want to know what's happening. Call Bill Medvecky. But Flora? No one cares but she keeps getting face time as the Paris Hilton of the polygamy controversy. If she stopped being on TV, no one would pay attention. They don't really pay attention now.

If you legalize polygamy, heck, I'll go away. With nothing. Fine by me.

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ztgstmv said...

Do you think CNN will EVER feature Flora Jessop after the stunt she pulled with Swinton? Any one with a brain can put two and two together that there was coaching going on. 40 hours on the phone with Swinton...hmmm, and Flora is supposed to be an "expert" on the FLDS, and couldn't even detect Swinton's black accent after 39 hours of talking, not to mention the factual inconsistencies (ex. Swinton supposedly referred to Easter, which the FLDS don't celebrate).