Saturday, January 10, 2009

Willie Rousted Again

(Photo by Leah Hogsten/ The Salt Lake Tribune)

Either he's becoming genuinely amused or a little cranky
about it. His myth precedes him I guess. He does have that Darth Willie thing goin' on with all that black.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Willie) Jessop and two companions were stopped at noon and allowed to enter the country at about 4:15 p.m. MDT. During the wait, Canada Border Service Agency officials searched their laptops and a camera. They earlier had searched the men's Lincoln Navigator and their personal bags, Jessop said."

This happened down in Texas as well, he was pulled over going to the courthouse. It's called a shakedown.

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kbp said...

One is a fool if they miss a day checking your posts!


The Pharisee said...

Easy, I've got my ball cap let out to the largest size already.