Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Record Month

Again, measuring by the less than perfect measure of "Blogflux," I hit another milestone. In November this blog experienced a 33% increase to hit 4000 unique visitors. Last month, a 25% increase to hit 5000. I think had I paid less attention to a couple of forum debates, I would have gone a bit farther.

This continues to amaze me since I believed this fall, things would, well, fall off and The Modern Pharisee would die back to a sort of borderline blog status with a few followers. We will see what 2009 brings.

All of this motivated me to tweak my Google analytic tools so that I could follow the traffic a little better. I'm starting to know as a result what's going on in the guts of my blog template. I'm a little phobic when it comes to the tech side, but I'm getting over it. I've noticed running Google analytics next to Blogflux a see a few more recorded hits. Don't ask me why.

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Anonymous said...


The Pharisee said...

You said that.

Anonymous said...


We like your insights, we have a few defenders, but there is not a few of us :) Heaven can help anyone as evidenced by you helping us. So, don't be surprised that we've hit you so many times.