Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dolphan Pharisee

Your Modern Pharisee is a Miami Dolphin Fan, otherwise known as a "Dolphan." This "phits" with "Pharisee." I have figured out what kind of Super Bowl match up that serves my Phin Phanaticism best.
The Dolphins lost 6 times during the past season. Previously I was rooting for the San Diego Chargers to go all the way, mostly because we beat the Chargers this year, and the rest of that desire comes from having phormer phin Chris Chambers on the squad, and primarily from having former Dolphin Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner as coach.

That didn't work.

So I've reverted to wanting an all bird bowl, and decided that it would be best for my phanticism to support the Ravens over the Cardinals. This way half the Dolphin losses during the last season come from Super Bowl participants. If you can't have been one of the teams to have beaten the eventual Super Bowl winner, at least you can explain your losses away by saying, "Well, we lost three times to this years Super Bowl contestants, once to last years undefeated team and Super Bowl participant and we won the division. You get the picture. If the Ravens win we can say "One Third of our losses during this last season came from the eventual Super Bowl Winner"We of course, lost to the Ravens twice, but they were the only team we beat the year before. Works for me.

If that doesn't happen, I figure the Cardinals need to make it and win, and again, we can say we lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champ (Once, and Badly) and I really like Kurt Warner.

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