Tuesday, January 06, 2009

(UPDATED) Texas Claims Danger to Merrianne Jessop, by acknowledging there is no danger.

Out here among the wild and dangerous bloggers (yes, we've been noticed and we are dangerous) there has been the constant observation that Merrianne Jessop is not in danger of "further abuse" as defined by the state, because she is Warren Jeff's bride.

So either she is, or she isn't. If she isn't, she wasn't abused or there is no marriage? What gives here?

The Deseret News - "Jessop wants her daughter back, but the report said 'Mrs. Jessop has no plan for how she might protect (the girl) from being placed in another marriage.' "

This complicated statement says that perhaps she will not stay married to Warren Jeffs. How could this be? The precipitating events would be Warren's excommunication from the FLDS church and the forced divorce by the subsequent prophet, of Merrianne and Warren and her subsequent remarriage. I would think these things actually would have to happen first, for the potential abuse to occur, the FLDS do not endorse or practice polyandry.

Does Texas know that Warren is about to be excommunicated? I hardly think that is true. If so, it would probably involve a struggle or crisis over which the FLDS might actually split. The Jessops in this particular case would have to be in the rebelling faction and go against Warren. Is this possible? I think not, emphatically not. Even so the resulting long term struggle would probably take years in which case Merrianne Jessop would grow to the age of consent or adulthood and it would be a moot point.

Do they they Warren is going to kill himself? Several reports have issued from Arizona saying that Warren's actions in jail have been suicidal. I'm not an authority on these reports. I do know that they've claimed he fasts too much, has lost weight and has worn sores on his knees from praying. As to whether or not there are reliable reports he has tried to take his own life? I'd frankly rely on other FLDS members close to him to verify if this was true or not.

It would look as if the state actually recognizes that of all people, while Warren lives, Merrianne Jessop is the most safe out of all the minors that were at YFZ. To counter that reality, they claim that with FLDS beliefs, she could be subjected to another marriage, which is silly. It does acknowledge what we have been saying all along though. All they want to do is keep her. She is now the only girl in state custody and they seek permanent custody of her and will apparently only relent if her mother renounces her faith and/or turns states evidence. This is monstrous.

Apparently WE, the bloggers are now coming under scrutiny. I've wondered about this. A recent story confirmed that Texas was conscious of how they were being perceived in the "media" and the FLDS sympathetic blogosphere is now actively mentioned as a problem.

"The girl has weekly visits with her mother in San Antonio. Recently, more of her siblings were allowed to visit her. She also has weekly phone calls with her mother. CPS complained about letters being sent to the girl originating from a blog, which it said has encouraged people to 'kidnap' the girl from her foster home."

I think I know which blogger this is. I've also been sharply questioned about who I am, and who I represent when I call the state of Texas doing what little investigative reporting I have done.

Let me stress that this is not something I recommend. I would hesitate to suggest what I would recommend at this point as it may well go against the wishes of Merrianne's family. I continue to think this is a case of extortion on the part of Texas, using Merrianne as hostage.

Some UPDATED observations, since I banged this out before I went to work today:

The article also states:

" 'We are still hopeful for reunification in this case, if it can be achieved,' agency spokesman Patrick Crimmins said Monday."

This Orwellian doublespeak, which I alluded to earlier, is code language for Barbara Jessop renouncing her faith and probably turning states evidence. Back in the summer I observed that children had become threatened hostages being used for leverage against their mothers. Merrianne Jessop is a case in point. If her mother were to turn state's evidence and renounce her belief, I'm sure she'd get Merrianne back. The state employs the sophistry that she might be married again, to form the basis of keeping her.

"The major concerns were that Mrs. Jessop does not believe that abuse to (the girl) happened, she does not take responsibility for her role in that abuse, she is dependent on people that had involvement in the abuse to (the girl), she does not have a plan to protect (the girl) other than her promise, she is minimally cooperative with CPS and seems to be deliberately misleading CPS about her marriage to Frederick Merril Jessop," the report said.


The CPS report said Jessop "has not demonstrated herself as a safe and responsible caregiver."

The state is saying abuse has in fact occurred, if Barbara Jessop disagrees, she is not a responsible and safe caregiver. If she agrees, to get her child back, she'd have to turn on her family. I emphasize that a trial has not occurred yet from the perspective of CPS, guilt has been administratively established. This is how child abuse laws and the accompanying enforcement agencies are being used to circumvent law. It is particularly noxious that CPS is still using the notion that belief constitutes abuse, which means that the State must certify your religions beliefs about sexuality. Fine you say? Yes, for those of you who object to FLDS practices like "child marriage" and polygyny, but the next step, not too far away is holding your children hostage until you accept homosexuality, for teaching against it will be deemed "abuse."

"(Merrianne) is doing well in foster care, the report claims.

'(Merrianne Jessop) has kept busy with piano, schoolwork and reading,' it said. 'The foster family continues to expose (Merrianne) to new things through outings, family gatherings and other social activities.'

In therapy, the report said (Merrianne) expressed sadness at not being around her family. Attempts to find relatives to care for her have not worked out, CPS said, noting one did not believe the girl had been abused and 'agrees with underage marriage and supports plural marriages.' "


"A psychological evaluation in September described her as 'moderately guarded and suspicious' and recommended more therapy sessions."

Things to note. They continue to question Merrianne about her beliefs with regard to polygyny. This will be used as evidence that she is to sick to go back to her abusive environment. They are forcing or attempting to force a 14 year old to give up her religion. Also in the report, it states that when they get full custody, they will have the right to make religious choices for her.

"Permanent managing conservatorship would give CPS widespread authority over the girl under Texas law, including the right to decide care, education, medical care, legal rights, the right to consent to a marriage and even direct the 'moral and religious training of the child.' "

Again, I stress this is the decertification of a religion. The state must approve what you belief. The state fully acknowledges that parents have the right to instruct their children in religion and will take over those duties only when the child is in their conservatorship. This meant Barbara Jessop has that right now, she just believes the wrong things. Are the nations Muslims going to be rounded up and deprived of their children? They also believe that plural marriage is morally right and teach that. As evidence by the behavior of their own prophet, they believe that "underage marriage" is correct. Bill makes the excellent point that this is proof the raid was about religion, and has been all along.

Merrianne is also under real stress. Rumors continue to filter back that she is failing emotionally, but the state cheerily pronounces that her brain washing is having no negative effects. They confirm the rumors obliquely by stating she "expresses sadness." They also confirm she has not given up her beliefs. I know as a parent when I disagree with a child and persistently lobby them that they change, they begin to shut down and become sullen and angry. Sadness is often repressed anger, and leads to depression. This is a clear statement that Merrianne is not well, despite the doublespeak.

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ztgstmv said...

One thing that's interesting about this article is that Barbara Jessop even denies being married to Merril. This is technically true, since they aren't legally married, as far as I know. Nonetheless, CPS is adamant on getting her to admit she's informally married to Merril. Why, is the question. Most likely it's to help the prosecution -- to either charge her and/or Merril with bigamy. If that's the case, they are acting in the role of Law Enforcement, and basically doing some form of entrapment. LE would never be able to get away with the stunts that CPS has pulled, condemning and punishing parents (taking their children) on such a low burden of proof or even no probable cause in most cases. So if CPS is acting in the role of LE, that puts their practices into question, IMO.

yutthehay said...

"Does Texas know that Warren is about to be excommunicated? I hardly think that is true. If so, it would probably involve a struggle or crisis over which the FLDS might actually split."

The governments of Utah, Arizona and now Texas along with the CPS people think that just because they can charge some one and even convict Uncle Warren that we the people will disown him. But if you look at a bigger picture and go back into history and see what happened to other prophets, you can see that Warren Jeffs is in the same category as some of the other great Prophets in history. Joseph Smith for one. The actions of the world against Warren Jeffs only solidifies in my mind that he is a very GOOD person. Is there a Prophet in the land today? What do wicked people do to prophets? What is the charge against Warren Jeffs? He has been condemned for having influence, for instructing a young couple to try and work out their differences. If Warren Jeffs is a wicked man then there is no righteousness in this world. But he is the prophet and the Lord is going to destroy the wicked. He has done it before and he WILL do it again.

karateka said...

Hit the nail on the head. Texas CPS is the danger to Merrianne. It is shameful how they say it is not about religion, but are trying to force them to give up their religion.

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