Thursday, January 08, 2009

UPDATED: Oh Please, this is TOO OBVIOUS, Bountiful Raid another "Assist" to a Book.

It was "weird" and "tinfoil hat wearing" to suggest that the YFZ raid was in large part, a money grubbing attempt
by anti FLDS forces to line their pockets. I mean, look at all the neatly timed book deals, including Flora Jessop's book timed to come out (ahem) now, just as the Bountiful Raid kicks off, and this, noted by the Vancouver Sun.

"Daphne Bramham's book, The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect, was published by Random House and is shortlisted for the B.C. National Non-Fiction Book Award. It was released in paperback by Vintage Canada this week."

Ok FLDS. Get some contacts in the publishing world. Try to be "elsewhere" when a book is about to hit the paperback shelves or a new publishing effort is kicking off. I suggest you take cruises. Be in the middle of the South Pacific. Try a visit to Madagascar. Put the Gaza Strip on your sight-seeing agenda. Go some place safe, the next time an enemy decides to publish a book.

Why is this not a psychotic delusion of the pajama wearing crazy FLDS supporting Blog Universe? Because in researching the Bountiful arrests, I discovered that it is so obvious, I wasn't the first to see it. I can claim it was an original thought, but not that I was the first to notice.


The Straight (Vancouver) - "My suspicions were aroused after the B.C. Achievement Foundation selected Vancouver Sun reporter Daphne Bramham's book, The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect (Random House), as one of four finalists for a $40,000 prize for the best nonfiction book of the year in Canada."

He goes on to observe that the Author, is a reporter, for the Vancouver Sun.

"A report a few years ago proved there was no politics in the charge-approval process, the bureaucrat could insist. The RCMP conduct investigations, which is separate from the work that the Crown does. Anyone who doesn't know this doesn't understand how the justice system works. Blah blah blah.

And this could be the kicker: any journalist who suggests otherwise is just another a conspiracy theorist.

But there's one thing the Crown can't deny: the timing of these charges couldn't have been better for the B.C. Liberals' reelection chances or for the premier awarding a nonfiction book prize to a Vancouver Sun reporter"


Media Wars, I can see it now, warring tribes of journalists, straight out of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I would not link to any Daphne Bramham stories at this point, for factual information, there's a huge conflict of interest.

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