Friday, January 09, 2009

Bill Medvecky hits the Radar Screen


From Brooke Adam's blog, "The Plural Life."

"So what did we do to pass the time? The reporters chatted. Caseworkers and ad litems (there were 13 in the courtroom by my count) chatted. And read.

Copies of an article were being passed around among the state workers, and I got a glance at the headline: 'CPS dykes want to groom [girl’s name omitted].' Yikes, I thought, not exactly material you want CPS caseworkers reading dur(i)ng a hearing on whether you are capable of caring for your daughter."

Thanks to Bill, we know for certain now that CPS in Texas reads the blogs. Thanks guys and gals. Hope you love it. I'm assuming of course they cruise mine from time to time. Sorry 'bout your Cowboys. Maybe next year.

At any rate, as I tried to explain to an alleged attorney poster at Brooke's blog, Rule one, DO NOT DIGNIFY THE MINOR OPPOSITION BY RESPONDING TO THEM (or naming them). Rule two? Refer to rule one. Next thing you know Bill will be getting tickets to Oprah to be her guest. When all you really have is a "convict them in the press" strategy, it's not a good idea to create news for the other side. Yet that is what they have done.

Since I now must assume that DFPS in Texas reads the "Pro FLDS" or "FLDS Centric" or "FLDS Friendly blogs," I'd like to provide them with a handy little tool.

Whenever you're wondering, just click.

As of today (it may change tomorrow) the number one PRO FLDS or ANTI site is:

Truth Will Prevail.

The rest in order are:

The Modern Pharisee! (Me Me Me Me Me Me!)

Free the FLDS Children (Bill)

The Common Room


Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart

Child Brides (Flora's site?)

Texas Polygamy

All of these are ranked by "Alexa Rankings" in the United States. The overall number at the bottom of the page, not the top. If your blog or site didn't have such a number, it didn't make the list. Comment if you think I missed one, and I'll insert it in the appropriate place right away. For a limited time. I assume that rankings will change over the next few days or weeks, Bill might outshine Google if he doesn't watch it.

I left out blogs like "Grits for Breakfast" which is a high ranking and great blog, but Scott doesn't blog consistantly on the FLDS so his fame is largely due to other pursuits. I can't break out Brooke's blog from Salt Lake Tribune statistics, but I would assume that if I could, it would outrank us all. Maybe all of us combined. Since I believe the facts are on the FLDS side, Brooke, though nominally neutral, would appear to be "Pro" FLDS most of the time.

What's notable is that they are almost all PRO or FLDS leaning blogs. 7 months ago, "Texas Polygamy," a nominally neutral (but really anti) spot was on top. Child Brides has never drawn very much traffic, and I now rate just below what must pass for the official FLDS mouthpiece, "Truth Will Prevail."

This shows you what people believe, where the news is, whose anaylsis they trust and where sympathies lie. Beyond inflaming the ill informed, the Anti FLDS side hasn't got much. As soon as the truth breaks through, and dawns on most of the nation, if it ever does, Texas is toast, and they've started giving us publicity. Hopefully, they'll try to investigate or arrest someone.

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WC said...


I would probably add Pliggy's "FLDS View"

The Pharisee said...

Unfortunately, Plig has dropped off the radar screen. I suspect if he didn't get tied up with tar babies like Ron (Houston) he'd get more traffic.

Toes said...

It's so nice to know my site receives more views than child brides!

Hopefully, the readers are not ALL from CPS.

The Pharisee said...

"The Hope Organization" doesn't interest anybody. I have come to realize that Flora Jessop has the same number of letters, first and last name, as Paris Hilton.

If the media stopped paying attention to either, we'd forget about them overnight.