Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Justice may be blind, but can it be wooed?

Hat tip to "VESTA Status of Womens News" for noticing this one. I wouldn't say it's a blog populated by fellow travelers, but it's about the funniest thing the opposition has come up with. There is also a reprinted and well reasoned piece immediately below this cartoon, Joey Thompson writes;

"(I)n an interview Friday, (Wally Oppal) was unrepentant -- quick to rebut those, including his own staff in the Criminal Justice Branch, who figure he should directly ask the province's top appeal judges for their legal take on whether all of us can wed willy-nilly, given every citizen's right to freely pursue their religious beliefs.

Oppal told me the case against the constitutionality of polygamy stands a much better chance if B.C. can prove the extramarital lifestyle sexually exploits and harms women and kids. But first they need evidence that it does exploit -- thus, the police investigation and subsequent criminal prosecution of the self-appointed bishops."

Joey writes for "the Province" and her article was originally printed there. To balance that, there is this from Grant Maxwell.

The Daily News (Nanaimo) - "Previously, there were two significant societal changes that I believed were instituted solely because of idealism.

The first was the implementation of the metric system by Trudeau. There simply wasn't a need or desire for that change.

The second was the fast ferries. Again there wasn't much desire or demand for faster ferries but an elected official knew better than the rest of us.

I suggest the same is true of the polygamy charges laid by Wally Oppal. He had to shop this idea to three people before he found someone who agreed. Since there are no sexual exploitation charges, there is no interest. I would suggest that if the province were to ban plastic bags the talk shows and editorial pages would be burning up compared to this yawn fest. Oppal may be fighting the good fight but for whom?

He has stuck his neck out a long way here and many believe he will lose. The risk/reward ratio on this is far too high."

I tend to agree with Grant, that the fight is not being fought for anybody, unless you count busibodies that stare in bedroom windows and become even more excited (YFZ) when they cannot. If Oppal tries to really win the case, it will probably be along the lines of abuse, which they will now have to find, and they will need witnesses, who claim to be victims.

The cartoon may have to be rewritten, with Wally Oppal down on his knees, Romancing the Stone carving of Blind Justice.

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ztgstmv said...

it will probably be along the lines of abuse, which they will now have to find, and they will need witnesses, who claim to be victims.

Scary thought. That's what led to the great YFZ kidnapping and hostage scene.