Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bountiful locals weigh in, Price is no object according to the politicians

It's a better article than would have been written by the Eldorado Success

The Cranbrook Daily Townsman
- (Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett) - "I can't say enough about Wally Oppal's doggedness on this file. He's really been responsive any time I've talked to him about Bountiful. He wanted evidence, obviously, to lay a charge, but couldn't lay a charge until they had it. I think he deserves a lot of credit here."

Dogged? What has Oler or Blackmore been charged with that they couldn't have been charged with a few days after they set foot in Bountiful? The charges are proof they couldn't find anything on the FLDS contingent in Canada, so they charged them with the only thing they could charge them with.

"(Audrey) Vance said she doesn't care who gets the credit as long as Blackmore was charged with polygamy instead of sexual assault or some other charge that would leave the polygamy law unchallenged.

'We've been skirting around this issue for a long time. Polygamy is against the law of Canada. So for me, I'm glad he was charged with that. As Canadians, I think it's time we made up our minds on the polygamy issue.' "

Audrey first seems to take a rational position, that the case should be tested, but then downshifts into utter nonsense.

"A member of Altering Destiny Through Education, a Creston-based group, which has fought for years for the right of Bountiful children to attend the public school system, Vance said her main concern is the children of Bountiful.

'For those of us that have learned so much the last six years, it isn't about consenting adults. It's about taking any young female that the 'prophet' feels should be married to an old man. So to me it's about children's rights in this country. That's the way I've always felt about it.' "

"Fought for the 'right' of Bountiful children to attend the public school system?" I'm glad she tells us it's how she feels about it. Who cares how she feels about it? Has it dawned on her than no one has been charged with abuse after all that investigation? Audrey would seem to be an idealist that thinks that the day will be won when the naturally abusive condition of polygyny is finally shown to be illegal. Good luck with that Audrey, I think monogamy as marriage, the only form of marriage, is going down in Canada.

"Bennett, meanwhile, said the Province is going to great lengths in the Bountiful prosecution to separate it from any possible taint of politics by putting independent prosecutor Terrence Robertson in charge of the case."

And they punt, to an "independent prosecutor" whose job it will be to expand the charges to anything and everything. At least Canada is leading with the correct charge as polygamy is in fact illegal. In this case if child abuse is found, as defined by law, they'll have reason to conduct the search and find the evidence. I would disagree with how they define child abuse, but Canada does have the right to make it's laws.

"Bennett agreed the case could be long and expensive, but said that's not the issue. The polygamy law must be tested, he said. 'This, I believe, is in the public interest. I agree with the special prosecutor and the attorney general on that.' "

Saddle up Cranbrook, politicians don't care how much of your money they spend, refer to Texas to see how much can be spent.

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ztgstmv said...

"right to go to public school"

For what? To be indoctrinated? Taught how to do drugs and use condoms? What about private school? Don't they have private schools in Canada? Why does any listen or print what these morons have to say?