Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rozita Swinton Newsweek article in August now shown to be False


Newsweek - "On April 13, one of Thrumston's sergeants received a call from the Texas Rangers, who had traced two phone numbers in the FLDS investigation to Colorado Springs. One of them, Thrumston discovered, was associated with Swinton. Within days, police obtained a search warrant for Swinton's home, carted off boxes of evidence and arrested her for false reporting in the episode involving the house-to-house search."

It has now been learned that FBI agents contacted FBI agents who passed the contact along to CSPD. See the previous two stories. Sean Mandel talked to Hugh Velasquez who spoke with Terry Thrumston. After Sean Mandel spoke with Agent Steve A. Smith.

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ztgstmv said...

Is your theory that the Rangers 1) knew the two area codes before the raid took place; and 2) were suppressing the information that someone else was uncovering ?

The Pharisee said...

It is my present contention that Terry is lying in this article, and that the number of people who passed the note around to get it to Colorado is so long that it is prima fascia evidence of a cover up.

Why don't you just pick up the phone and call instead of "Unknown FBI Agent working out of San Angelo for the weekend and not Rick Fagan or Bill Endorf" calls Steve in Colorado who whispers it to Sean, who tells Hugh Velasquez who tells Terry Thrumston?

We're just about to write the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon all over again.

There is still one connection to uncover because according to Steve who can't remember if he was called on the cell phone or emailed on a request he didn't keep record of and didn't open a case on, whoever it was that he will "remember if he hears it," is an FBI agent, whose name we don't know.

When we find that Agent, they still haven't connected the request to Texas.


Tracing backwards.

(Deep Throat)
(Richard Milhouse Nixon)


That's SIX, SEVEN if you count Amy Mullaney, one woman wrecking crew go get em prosecutor extraordinaire Assistant District Attorney for El Paso County Colorado.

That's the worst Rube Goldberg device I've seen in a long time. If they keep adding names, I'm going to run into someone I went to HIGH SCHOOL with.

ztgstmv said...

What I would like to know is when were the area codes ascertained, who ascertained them, and who was made aware of them. There was a four day period between the first call and the raid. I believe some time in that period was when the area codes were found out. Four days is a long time for a girl who's being beaten. The agencies must have been working double-time doing something. Whatever it was they were doing, needs to be found out in full detail.

cheese said...

ziggy, you meant five days, right?