Friday, January 23, 2009

We Can't Tell You That, Oh No, No Can Do! Talking to Mark White of the FBI in Dallas about the YFZ raid.

I spoke with Mark White, Media Relations, FBI Dallas.
As expected, Mark appealed to the "ongoing investigation" to explain why it was that he wouldn't give out information as to who spoke with FBI Agent Steve A. Smith from the Texas end, namely, the FBI office in San Angelo. I was able to extract the following commitment from Mark though. Since Agent Smith (I get this funny Men In Black thought every time I say that) said that there was no case opened on his end at the FBI office in Colorado Springs, that there would be a case opened on the Texas side, Agent White will check and see if there was a case opened on the Texas side. If there was not, I imagine this represents a violation of some procedure, if not some sort of law or administrative rule.

I will again ask him the question of WHICH agent opened the case, and if he declines because of the "ongoing investigation" I will be asking him how many agents handled the case, WHEN it was opened, and which agency caused there to be a case opened in the first place. This will be to nail down whether or not Texas opened the case with the FBI.

Potential answers will be as follows of this sort. "Only agent X handled the request that came from the Texas Rangers," or "Local Law Enforcement (that would be Sheriff Doran) made the request." There could be multiple agents. There could be no request from the outside.

A potential answer would be that the request came during or near the beginning of the raid. That would be earth shaking. At least I think so.

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Lucille said...

Wasn't Agent Smith in the Matrix?

The Pharisee said...

Yes, and I believe another "Agent Smith" is part of the cast of "Men in Black."

Lucille said...

Will Smith's character's name is James Edwards.

The Pharisee said...

Yeah, but in "MIB II" they make a play on the actors real names. The poster has "Mr. Jones" (Tommy Lee Jones) and "Mr. Smith" (Will Smith) bannered across the top.