Monday, January 12, 2009

Winston Blackmore, has a BLOG

Hat tip to FeVaFotos. "Share the Light," is Winston Blackmore's blog. Winston's Home Page is, "The North Star," on which is contained his statement.
At present both have a page rank of "no data." I imagine, that will change. Nothing like a good persecution to call attention to someone, and something, no one cared about.

"Since I am not going to take your questions upon advice of legal counsel, and since you all know that whether I have liked it or not I have always tried to accommodate the media, I will try to anticipate your questions in this statement.

Almost nineteen years ago we were discovered by the media. We didn’t even know that we were lost. It has taken three AG’s, many special prosecutors, and millions and millions of tax payers dollars, almost nineteen years to arrive at the conclusion that Fundamentalist Mormons want to practice the fundamentals of their faith.

Canada has a law against polygamy. It was made in or around 1892 and was made specifically against the Mormons. Canada also has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees every person the right to live their religion, and I guess now, every person except those of us who are Fundamentalist believing and practicing Mormons.

This is not about the police. They kindly waited until my children would be all at school before they came to arrest me. They certainly did not expect that school would be delayed for two hours because a foot of heavy snow had fallen in the night and all my school children were still home. They also did not know that my three children that want to be police officers when they grow up, a 16 year old girl, a 12 year old boy, and an eleven year old boy got to witness the process. My children hated the police all day long and were still hating them when I got home. I have met dozens of police officers over the years and made many good friends among them. I was treated very kindly by the arresting officers but can honestly say to them, you have some pr work to do with some of my family members, and perhaps since Canada has chosen to disregard our basic charter rights then you should at least work in some sensitivity when it comes to dealing with our children.

This is not about Polygamy. Tens of thousands of polygamists among many different cultures are hiding in plain sight all across Canada. They are known by their neighbors, policemen, legislators and media just as we are. I am sure that they are an active valued part of the economic structure of the communities in which they live just as we are. But they are not fundamentalist Mormons! To us this is about religious persecution. Persecution has always been about politics. Whatever else is involved with it, it is still about politics. It is therefore no surprise to us that this spectacular grandstanding event has happened in the face of an up and coming provincial election. I hope this government has calculated all the risks. Time will tell.

My family reaction was negative and yesterday was a hard day for them. There was no way that we could talk. They listened to the news, collectively fielded hundreds of phone calls and waited. My little children couldn’t do their school work, and were emotional and traumatized by the uncertainty of the event. My college children couldn’t focus. I didn’t know about it all day but a number of my dear family members waited outside to see me when I was released. We had a wonderful reunion and as I stood there in Cranbrook with a dozen grown up sons and daughters, all struggling in their own way to understand this religious persecution, not to mention the inevitable question of why a government presiding over this economy, would target them as employers, students, workers, taxpayers, all the while wasting enormous amounts of their hard earned dollars waging a political religious campaign. One quipped, “wouldn’t it be nice if this government focused their political and financial energy on creating jobs”? I had this huge feeling of gratitude that these fine men and woman are what my life is really all about. My family will be just fine.

Where do we go from here? I have to make an appearance on January 21. You will all be welcome to stay home from that event. I plan on doing what I have always done. I will get up and get my children up for school. We will live each day as we have done for the last nineteen years. We will teach our children the best we can, help them get a good education, and I will try and encourage my children that want to be police officers to do so, because Canada needs good, fair, unbiased officers, from coast to coast that will honestly deal with the diverse multicultural society that it has become, without discriminating against those visible or invisible minorities, whether racial, religious or simply cultural. I want my children to respect the First Nations People of our great country, to stand in honor with them and recognize according to our Book of Mormon teachings that they were preserved by the hand of God upon this land. I want my children to grow up, get a good education, go to work and do a good job for the business that hires them, and a better job for the people that they employ. Naturally, I want them to cherish my faith, but if they do not, they are growing up knowing that their dad will always till the day he dies be there to joy in their joys, sorrow in their sorrows, and encourage them to do right along the way. I am what I am, we are what we are. We are descended from a long line of Mormon believing people. My family did not make up our faith nor did we establish the fundamental teachings of Mormonism. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. He has taught us, and I have taught my children that they should pray for their enemies as well as their friends. That is what we will continue to do.

I want to thank the hundreds, if not by now thousands who have called in their support. You guys are the best."

As always, I am not remotely LDS/FLDS/Mormon. I think their faiths are deceptions. Nevertheless, we all have a place in God's grand device, and more than that, we are all in his image. Justice is justice for us, and for all. For the stranger, and for the believer. I am grateful to Winston for getting this issue before the courts of Canada.

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Obstructionist said...

The Canada Courts stated the compelling need to protect women and children could override what is permitted under the umbrella of religious FREEDOM.

From Winton's own blog comes the story of Vanessa Rohbock so sinful Warren wanted to claim "blood atonement" for her. In the RCMP investigation as it occured, Winston denied that the practise was ever taught by the FLDS, nor was this same girl ever threatened by it.

Here are the links; below

"1. The Vanessa Rohbock story."

"Vanessa was on two different antidepressant

drugs, and should be considered potentially suicidal"

" in that she very narrowly missed being sacrificed for a heathen


"There is nothing left for her to do but to come and have her blood shed for the

remission of her sins"

"You and Ron, (her father) are instructed to pray night and day for the

Lord to destroy her from off the face of the earth"

I think that given Winston's own details of a minor at risk, suggests that the government of Canada should protect such children as Vanessa Rohbock.

At the time of these rumors, I had filed a complaint with the Boundary County sheriff, who contacted the RCMP, who was told by Winston in his interview that neither the girl was at risk, nor was this tenent of faith ever taught! The coverup and truth, detailed by Winston in his own blog, suggests that children do need protection and that even religious leaders LIE!

The Pharisee said...


Clearly you have issues with the FLDS. I won't say that you are wrong because as yet, I am far too unfamiliar with all the details.

However, if you mistake me for being an unqualified supporter of the FLDS or Winston Blackmore, you are incorrect, I am not.

I have stated that I think the RMPC has acted correctly in prosecuting the case as both Jimmy Oler and Winston Blackmore have violated the law. Texas should have followed the model that Canada did.

Since Winston and Jimmy have been arrested I imagine searches can be conducted of their homes to collect evidence if the RMPC deems it necessary. If they do so and find evidence of other crimes, and those crimes are ones you touch on, then they will be nailed for them.

I suspect though, that after months and possibly years of investigation, the charge of one count of bigamy against both men is an indication they did not find anything else, and so elected in the light of continuing public pressure, to test the law, and see if it would hold up by charging both men with pure and simple polygamy.

I can assure you I have sought this clarification for many years, on both side of the border. I am in favor of the legalization of polygyny, hence my interest.

Obstructionist said...

What adults do is their business! But underage minors and taxpayers paying for guys like Winston to have 108 children, is not fair to us!

Winston's wives;

1. Jane Oler, 18, legally married in 1975. Divorced 2005. Canadian.
2. Christina Gallup Blackmore, 15. Married in 1982, daughter of Leroy Gallup and Karen Quinton in Colorado City. She is a second cousin to Winston. American (although possibly now has Canadian citizenship)
3. Mary Ann Gallup, 16. Married in 1985, Christina’s full sister. American (although possibly now has Canadian citizenship).
4. Marjorie Johnson
5. Sharon Johnson
6. Susan Gallup, 15. Full sister to Christina and Mary Ann.
7. Harmony Quinton, 15. Daughter of Barlow and Becky Quinton. American
8. Edith Barlow. Daughter of Alvin Barlow. American facing deportation.
9. Leah Barlow, 24. Daughter of Alvin Barlow. An RN and midwife, she was actively courted by Winston.
10. Kandi Bateman.
11. Catherine Broadbent, 16. Sister to Fawn Broadbent, returned to Colorado City after the split and took Winston’s son with her. Reassigned to ????
12. Marsha Chatwin, 17. Married same day as her sister, Zelpha.
13. Zelpha Chatwin, 21. Both Marsha and Zelpha are under deportation orders.
14. Marleena Fischer, daughter of Vaughan Fischer (possibly Sharane is her mother?)
15. Janelle Thornton Fischer, 16. Adopted daughter of Vaughan and Sharane Fischer. Her mother, Brenda Thornton, was briefly married to Vaughan Fischer before she died of cancer. Brenda’s sisters (one if Janet Johanson) tried to gain custody of Brenda’s children in the late 1980s and lost in court. American.
16. Shirley Black Jessop. Daughter of Orson and Leora Jessop. American
17. Jennifer Johnson. Daughter of Larry Johnson. Amerian
18. Lorraine Johnson, 15. Daughter of Ray Johnson. American
19. Diana Lane, 17. Daughter of Edwin Johnson. American
20. Marsha Lane. Daughter of Edwin Johnson. American
21. Ruth Lane. Daughter of Edwin Johnson. American
22. Shalina Palmer, 15. Daughter of Morgan Palmer and Ruth McKinley. Canadian. Legally married Lorraine Johnson in December 2005 under Canada’s same-sex marriage law

The Pharisee said...

You're going to have to understand that I don't care what's "fair to us." These women are not obligated to remain part of a breeding pool for the rest of the men if they do not want to. If they had entered a nunnery would you be complaining they had diminished your opportunities? Jealousy is not a factor as far as I am concerned.

As for Christina - 15, she married in 1982 so it's moot.

Mary Ann - 16, married in 1985, it doesn't matter.

Susan Gallup - 15, I don't know the marriage year for, so it doesn't matter.

Harmony Quinton - 15, again, no year of marriage, none of my concern. Apparently, not Canada's concern either, as are all of the above.

Catherine Broadbent - 16, you give no year, so, no concern.

Janelle - 16, no year either, as above.

Pliggy said...

Hugh, your "Obstructionist" buddy here is Jay Beswick. Look him up.

I knew Winston well, and to see his words really do make me sad. It seems he has become the anti-FLDS peoples spiritual leader.

I do know the story of Vanessa, suffice it to say that after Winston was corrected, and asked to step down as Bishop (he wasn't excommunicated until he started his own church) Vanessa returned to Short Creek and is happily married to a good man; married together by Warren Jeffs. So the story here is nothing but "apostate narrative" bitterness; and completely false.

It is as sad to me as knowing your favorite Uncle committed suicide. I hold no ill will toward him at all.

SallyBlackmore said...

"Obstructionist"; I am Winston Blackmore's and Christina Gallup's daughter. and let me stop you from making an even bigger fool of yourself than you've already done.
#1. get your facts straight. A few of those 15 year olds at marriage, were actually in their 20s. Christina, MaryAnn and Susan are 100% Canadian. not american. WHO IS KANDI BATEMAN? you've listed people i don't even know of, let alone my dad's wives. This is just a start. It would take too long to list all your errors. so, you should find a new source, that is, if you didn't make all that up.. :D

The Pharisee said...

Thanks for your first hand input Sally.