Saturday, May 31, 2008

FLDS, if I were you, I'd go get them.

At this point, I'd get a copy of the appeals court ruling, and the upholding of that ruling by the Supreme Court of Texas and I'd round up some bounty hunters and/or bodyguards and I'd go get my kids.

I'd like to see that confrontation acted out. I would recommend that there be no violence or breaking of the law of any kind, but I'd walk straight to my kids and try to get them.

Make the agency holding those children call the cops to stop you. Put those documents in front of those officers and ask them to stand aside. See what happens. This is a drama that needs to be acted out.

Seize the initiative. Set the tone.

I hear the "Dog" is out of work.

PS, and another thing. If you get your kids, get out of Texas immediately. You can't trust them.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the parents can go to the foster homes and demand their kids yet. The Supreme Court did not vacate the previous order - it told the District Court to do so.

If the District Court fails to do so [no time frame given], then the Supreme Court has the right to go ahead and vacate the order itself.

At least, that is the way I understand the legalese.

However, a peaceable assembly on the steps of the District Courthouse by all parents and their supporters would be in order. Unfortunately, most of the parents are probably busy today. Visiting their kids.

Hugh McBryde said...

The idea is to force the issue, intellectually. Put the ball in the court of local jurisdiction and see what they do. Will local law enforcement back keeping the kids in the face of families showing up to take children now rightfully in their care or will they wait until Judge Walther relents? In effect you'd be asking them the thorny question "who's in charge here?"

Anonymous said...

That would force the issue, physically, not intellectually. I'd hate to see one of the armed guards at the foster homes react in a way that would result in injury or death for anyone.

However, if the parents show up with a copy of the rulings, demand their children, demand of law enforcement to obtain a LOCAL judge to rule immediately and on an emergency basis on the custody of their children (since many of the foster homes are outside of Walther's District Court jurisdiction) - yes, I see what you are getting at. It would be risky, but could work.

HolyInheritance said...

I like how you think in Montana!

Common sense.

No tyrannical judges will ever take over Montana!


Hugh McBryde said...

Actually, the intent is not to use force, but to show that you can't BE forced. I would ask those that I hired to accompany me to use force except perhaps if I was attacked myself.

It's pyschological. You show up with heavies and you mean what you ask. I don't know how the local enforcement would react. I doubt seriously that there would be some sort of physical battle, but you'd get the local law to show up and I think the discussion that would follow would be interesting.

"Texas had no right to take these children, we are here to get them back"

The answer, would be priceless. Either they would give in, or they would argue you do not have the right. The next question if they do not give in is:

"Who has more power, the Texas Supreme Court or Judge Walther."

That's the whole idea, to get the local officials and law enforcement to answer that question on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Some tried.


Austin Children's Shelter in limbo on returning FLDS children

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) -- At the Austin Children's Shelter, workers are making preparations to send 12 children and six mothers home.

Yet the reunion site for the mothers and children is still unknown.

Families continued to show up Friday to the shelter, but workers had to turn them away.

Hugh McBryde said...

Which is precisely why I thought it would be good to show up with an armed professional escort and refuse to go away until the cops showed up and actually sent them away. They might actually send the kids home with them. Better yet send an armed escort and an attorney.

Again, the point is to create a legal question for local law enforcement. See what they do. The armed escort is to show you mean business and to protect the personages of those doing the asking, not to facilitate the spiriting away of children.