Monday, February 02, 2009

And then there were three.....and one of them is not Teresa Jeffs

Trying to see a plan in what Texas does (other than the making of splashy headlines) would drive anyone mad. After all that posturing and pleading the 5th in a deposition over Teresa Jeffs, Texas "nonsuits" Teresa Jeffs. My brain is breaking.
The Deseret News - "One of the most hotly fought custody cases is closer to ending. In a filing in a San Angelo, Texas, court on Monday, Texas Child Protective Services asked a judge to 'nonsuit' 17-year-old Teresa Jeffs, the daughter of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs."

To be honest, I don't honestly know what is going on. Did Malonis mess up that bad? Was this the plan all along? Is this an attempt to divert attention from something else we should be paying attention to? Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bed post every night? Is there actually a method to the madness? Because wait, there's more.

"A CPS spokesman declined to speak about the dismissal, saying the agency does not talk about specific cases. Jeffs' court-appointed attorney, Natalie Malonis, said the case was not over, however."

Has some sort of strange curse been placed on our Wacky Natalie, where all she can say is "it's not over?"

"Malonis said she was served Monday with a new filing by Jeffs' mother, Annette, seeking to replace Malonis and accusing her of not doing what is in Teresa Jeffs' best interest."

Dare I say it? It looks as if Barbara Walther is hanging Natalie out to dry because this action looks coordinated. Perhaps someone with considerable legal acumen cleared their throats in Barbara's chambers Friday. Maybe the case is collapsing. I truly do not know but there are few formulations that make this look good for Texas. There are few formulations that make Ms. Malonis look sane. If I didn't think I knew them better, I'd say I heard the Ship of Fools that is Texas breaking up below decks. I feel a final plunge coming on.

Who's left now? Merrianne Jessop? Teresa Steed? Teresa Steed's Child? This shouldn't be that hard to find out. Maybe they'll nonsuit two more and we'll know it's just Merrianne Jessop.

It really looks like Barbara Walther had no idea that Natalie was that "out there" and is cutting her losses.

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ztgstmv said...

What a riot. Now Malonis is not only fighting her client, the client's mother, and the FLDS; she's fighting the CPS now as well! Now I just wonder what Connie Gauwain has to say; as the GAL, she gets the final word no? She's been mysteriously quiet lately.

I also just discovered Malonis may be acting in a role contrary to her position: An Attorney Ad Litem is appointed by the court to represent the child's best interests and wishes. However, if the child's best interests are different from the child's wishes, the Attorney Ad Litem will represent the child's wishes. link

TxBlogger said...

The Houston Chron article stated:

One of the teen’s [TJ's] siblings is among the three children still under court supervision.

The Pharisee said...

So it's Merrianne Jessop, one of Teresa Jeffs' siblings and who else? Teresa Steed?

Silver Rose said...

I remember reading about a 9-year-old boy that was being held (one of the cousin-siblings) and that he was a bit of a handfull. I wonder if the child being held is him.

I think the only reason they were holding Teresa was to depose Merril and Willie, when that netted them nothing - other than State dollars wasted - Walther is 'washing her hands' - Well, washing his hands didn't absolve Pilate, and it won't absolve her for the mess in Texas.

Instead of "Don't mess with Texas" slogan so proudly displayed...they need to change their motto to "Texas IS a mess."

Way to go all those involved in continuing to hold Texas, the court and law enforcement, up for ridicule. If nothing else comes out of this, I hope everyone continues to eye CPS and their illegal activities suspiciously and I hope thousands of families receive the justice they deserve after being torn asunder by those with the state-power to do so.

And...I hope the FLDS sues the pants off all involved - but I have strong doubts about that happening - even though it would benefit Texas and American families everywhere.