Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Non Conspirators continue to not coordinate the non existent plan to destroy the FLDS

It's all in your mind. There is no plan to attack the FLDS on all fronts all at once, you foil hat wearing weirdo. This lawsuit is just another in a long line of coincidences, totally unrelated.
Drain the trust, imprison the leaders, raid the ranch, book after book after book and now sue an FLDS run company for discrimination.
The Deseret News - "Shem Fischer is suing a Hildale cabinet-making shop, claiming that he was unfairly and illegally fired because he and another shop employee were no longer members of the polygamous sect. They were replaced with faithful FLDS members, Fischer's lawsuit against Forestwood Co. says."
Of course all this coordinated picking on is not coordinated and does not represent a conspiracy against a group because of their beliefs but the firing of two employees does.

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Silver Rose said...


Color me ignorant.

Why does everyone keep refering to 'tin foil hats?'

I have no clue.

The Pharisee said...

Silver, "Tin foil hats" refers to a practice of more than one event observed in those with mental illnesses, most frequently, schizophrenics.

Schizophrenics hear voices that are not there and see things that don't exist as part of their psychosis. It's very disturbing and distracting to the schizophrenic.

Some of them end up believing that someone is "beaming" thoughts into their heads and in an effort to block them out, place aluminum foil hats on to block out the radio waves they believe are the cause of their delusions. It's rational, in a way, if you think about it. It of course, does not work.

Because of this common practice, the pejorative remark about conspiracy theorists and "crazies" has been that they "wear tin foil hats."

Toes said...

Thank you so much for explaining that.

My special designer version "tin foil hat" is made of two layers, one aluminum and one gold christmas wrapping paper foil, pressed and glued together.
The gold layer because of its superior electrical properties, to attract the invisible waves, with the aluminum underneath in order to diffuse the attracted electro-magnetic waves outward and away from my brain.

It even has little ear muff flaps that come down every time I answer the cellphone.