Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I didn't care so it didn't matter

Forget the bootlicking of the Obamessiah, the press will generally believe anything CPS puts out.
So when Willie and Merril plead the fifth? CNN is there to lap it up. When it turns out there is possibly a video of Sheriff David Doran ignoring evidence at the YFZ gate? It get's play in a few papers, but not much. I don't care for instance that Merrianne and Barbara may be texting plots to escape (legally) her captors. I wouldn't be surprised if the stories were exaggerated, I wouldn't care if they were true, I'd probably care a little bit to be honest, if they were utterly false, I'd laugh my gut off. My butt is too skinny, so since I get to choose, it's my gut.

You can't find stories about evidence exclusion in the national news. You won't find stories that Becky Musser now can testify about the raid. The Deseret News (no Colorado papers or broadcast stations that I know of) mentioned that all of Rozita's cases got postponed again and no one, but absolutely no one is talking about the fact that Allen Steed (who?) doesn't even have a trial date. He is not, by the way, a fugitive.

It's also hardly surprising that when an affidavit that was used to arrest Rozita (backtracking now) turns out to contain a bald faced and material lie, and I find out about it.


They didn't care so it didn't matter.

I figure we (the supporters of the FLDS and the FLDS) went from contestants in the game to winners in the game this week, so I don't care so it doesn't matter to me, ultimately, either. It gets to the point though where it's so obvious that I'm on the other side of the fence from the national conciousness, so far on the other side of the fence, so WAY OUT in the field with reference to that fence, that I care about that, and that does matter.

A stranger, in a strange land. That I care about, and that does matter.

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1 comment:

Silver Rose said...

It matters, Hugh.

It matters to me and it matters to the FLDS.

Because something doesn't make national attention does not proclaim it's importance - it proves that, in this case, even the media was caught up in promoting the deception and lies - and no one likes to go public with egg on their faces.

Ok. With the exception of Blagovich (or however his name is spelled).

It's not that the media doesn't care - it's that they would have to admit their own ongoing bias about this event and these people.

Thank God there are a few bloggers and reporters who still cover the stories. Without them, the whole ugly mess would be swept under the carpet and no one else would know.

I just hope that someone, somewhere has tracked this and writes a HUGE, best-selling expose about the Mess in Texas.

Thanks for keeping it 'out there.'

We care.