Friday, February 06, 2009

What's that all about? UPDATED

Rozita had a GUN and they let her KEEP IT? What's this all about? I don't know what to think, either we have another one of Bluesy's weird, always anonymous friends or this is a tale from the inside.
"TxBluesMan, Is the only one who gets what happen. He so has it there is no conspiracy. I will tell you that the LE in Colorado did not do things the way it should have been done. I have inside information. The arrest warrant was thrown together at the last minute so there goes a conspiracy theory. The bond was asked to be increased due to safety risk to the public and flight risk. If this was the case why didn't we confiscate her gun. CSPD isn't that smart to be involved in a conspiracy. We arrested her on a case that we had no proof that she was involved in in order to get her in so that the Rangers could question her. Along with the search warrant we were suppose to use it to gather evidence for the 'Feb call' but no it was a back door to let the Rangers in to get what they needed. So about 90% of what was taken from her apt the Rangers took back to Texas with them. Now we run into the problem of the case we charged her on. It's all circumstantial we have no proof she is connected to the 911 call. This is why the case has been delayed. If you notice the arrest warrant list a lot of circumstantial evidence, situations she has never been charged on. If you saw the discovery you would flip more than you have been. It is all circumstantial we have no proof. The reality is only one of the numbers are connected to Swinton. Is the (719)243 number. The other is connected to other Colorado calls that we have never been able to connect to her. Not only did we scew that up. Swinton asked for an atty before she even knew what she was charged with. After she asked for and atty and read her rights we continue to question her and we allowed the Rangers to enter the room after she asked for an atty. We realy screwed this one up. Finally ,I got that off my chest."
Frankly, it SOUNDS a little like one of the weird Rozita sympathizers that float around out there, but I don't have anything to say other than to offer it up for you to look at.

UPDATE - SPECULATION: This person is not literate enough to be CSPD. I too have my doubts about the relative wisdom of some of our boys in blue, but this is not well written.

BUT, on the face of it the writer would seem to have been there. So if the writer is not an outright liar:

That's CSPD.

Texas Rangers.

Rozita Swinton.

FBI? (only technically, I'm going to say writing style precludes that)

Rozita's roomie, Becky Hoerth

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ztgstmv said...

Wow! Sounds like the Rangers were raring to get into Swinton's apartment and, ahem, get their hands on the "evidence."

no it was a back door to let the Rangers in to get what they needed

Right, the Rangers knew what she had, and needed to obtain it to get it hidden, because it would incriminate the Rangers. That's the only reason I can think of they were so anxious to get into her apartment.

And BTW, if there was no conspiracy (whether or not the CSPD knew anything about it), then there should be no problem getting the details in sequence on the events that took place among the Rangers and their collaborators between March 30 and April 6th.

The Pharisee said...


There is a sort of "cabal" of internet commentaters out there that favor Rozita. Some of them may know her, or actually be her, and this could all be flowing from the same person.

The writing style of all these people is poor, that's what keeps being the "tell." It's not typos so much, we all make those, I occasionally type too fast, leave out words, or don't proof read well enough (my vision is deteriorating) but this is a basic failure to understand sentence structure and it's shared by all of the "pro Rozita" posts or "Rozita sympathetic" posts on my blog, and this example here, that appears on "Coram."

When you see a consistant common thread like that, you get an eyebrow up. Remember, if we buy into the idea that Rozita has disassociative identity disorder, these could very well all be her, as different people, like "Dana Anderson."

Silver said... could be someone really connected to the case that does have a conscience, and after enough beers, decided to 'come clean.'

The Pharisee said...

It was posted to Bluesies blog at "beer thirty..."

TxBluesMan said...


Unfortunately poor writing skills abound in a number of professions, including police work. You would be surprised at the number of reports by street cops I have read that made me wonder if they were functionally illiterate...

Don't take this wrong, they are not ignorant people, they just can't write well...

The Pharisee said...

Despite my concerns in this case Blues, you can see that I have a high view of rank and file policemen. I actually believe they are Agents of God in the final analysis. Paul calls them "ministers of the Lord who bear the sword, for our own good."

If you believe this to be a police officer, and if you are in a capacity that I believe you to be in, this should be reported to the appropriate agencies.

I think you should do it and let the chips fall where the chips fall.

TxBluesMan said...


Report what to the appropriate agency? A post by an anonymous poster, with no further information to go on?

If, in fact, the situation is as the anonymous poster related, the person that has a direct interest in the matter is Swinton - and she was present...

There is no way to determine the veracity of his post, nor am I under any obligation to report this matter to a court in a foreign jurisdiction, in a case that I am not involved in and which I have no independent, first hand knowledge of.

The Pharisee said...