Friday, February 06, 2009

Walther starts to give in, Malonis & Dusek out. If the "Environment" wasn't abusive for Teresa Jeffs, it wasn't for ANYONE.

The Judge starts caving to reality. Malonis gone.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "51st District Judge Barbara Walther dismissed all petitions and attorneys involved with the case of the now-17-year-old girl alleged to have been married to a 34-year-old man just after her 15th birthday - closing for good one of the highest profile and most contentious aspects of the long-running litigation surrounding the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."
This is key.
"Malonis had argued that a series of prospective witness statements from CPS in December stating that the girl had been in a 'harmful, abusive environment' should be considered before Walther dismissed the case."
This is the STATE's case, not Natalie Malonis' case. If they say that Teresa Jeffs was not in a 'harmful abusive environment' and that she should be released from any suit or case, then who ever was? When will they release Merrianne?
" 'The court can take notice of many things,' Walther replied, 'but the court must follow the law. The court cannot make the law. ... This is an unusual case, but I don't see any authority for you to continue.'

With that, Walther dismissed a raft of motions filed in the moments leading up to the hearing - including a motion filed by the Standard-Times to quash a subpoena filed against one of its reporters, as well as an ongoing fight over whether to seal the deposition transcript from YFZ Ranch leader Merril Jessop.

'I was prepared to continue doing what I thought I needed to do,' Malonis said, 'but I'm relieved to have relief.'

Walther also accepted the withdrawal of Carmen Symes Dusek as the attorney for a 14-year-old girl alleged to have been married to Warren Jeffs, the sect's leader, and signed an agreed order to seal a guardian's report filed in the case."
Walther now positioning herself as a Judge that doesn't make law? This is full scale headlong armor shedding weapon dropping retreat. If Walther doesn't see any authority for Natalie to continue, how did she ever see any authority at all?

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Carol said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on all the currant happenings.
Without your blog, much would still be hidden from the public.

The Pharisee said...

How could I go before judgment with my savior, and not have said anything?

Carol said...

What can the rest of us do besides donate a little money to help the ladies who cannot live at home?
Many of us live far from Texas and it is frustrating to be helpless.
It was suggested demonstrating outside the courthouse.
Perhaps if many of us had a prayerful demonstration for the fourteen year old it would help?
I am so happy for Teresa, I am sure she will stay with her mother away from the ranch. But knowing she can now return must be wonderful for her.
With her release, perhaps it will not be long until her mother and the other children can return also.
Thank you again for your wonderful work. We will continue praying for you and all the mothers and children.

Coffee Catholic said...

I'm not sure but maybe buying things from the FLDS will help?

I'm going to buy one of their lovely dresses!