Sunday, February 22, 2009

The latest "Front" in the War on Polygyny.

Complete with help from sympathetic articles in the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune.

But if you go to their website, "Holding out Help" is clearly an ANTI polygyny organization, smiled beamingly upon by Mark Shurtleff. They state that their Mission is:
"(To be) available for those individuals living in or desiring to leave the polygamist community. We provide assistance through a network of volunteers, state agencies and individual donors. Ultimately, we strive to increase self-sufficiency and the dignity that everyone deserves."
As if polygyny was not about self sufficiency or dignity. We also learn that the state is funding this joke, something not made clear by either article about them. Quoted in the Tribune article Tonia says:
"We are throwing judgment and condemnation aside and are going to love you where you're at and help with whatever needs you have," Tewell said. "We're not anti or for, but we are willing to love these folks where they are."
No Tonia, you're anti.

It's not clear who Tonia Tewell is, she's probably not THIS Tonia Tewell, but probably is this one.

They've even gotten a "couple" of calls from families. Your Tax Dollars at Work?

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