Friday, February 27, 2009

The Deseret News captures Award over FLDS coverage.

Frankly I thought Brooke Adams did the best job individually with FLDS coverage, but the Deseret News did put on a late fourth quarter rally and apparently put more players on the field covering the story.
"The Deseret News swept the General Reporting category in its division with reporters Ben Winslow, Brian West, Nancy Perkins and Jasen Lee taking first-place honors for their coverage of the raid of the Fundamentalist LDS Church's Texas ranch.

'The Deseret News hit a grand slam with its coverage of the FLDS controversy,' the judges said. "The voluminous amount of stories covered every twist and turn of the saga with detail, depth and drama. The photos helped to further captivate the reader.' "
From my perspective, I found myself quoting the Tribune far more often as they seemed to have the story first, which in my book, counts for something. Both papers have covered the story less and less over the last month. It would seem to me that they rely too much now on having the story handed to them by government entities and think that because the child custody issue is largely over, so is the story.

Opinion and fact must be kept as far apart as possible when trying to objectively cover a story for all readers, I realize, but at some point an opinion, a muse, must guide you down the path when the going get's a little tougher. There are underlying reasons this fiasco occurred, and all media outlets are still calling it like a ballgame.

I continue to NOT understand why the media which hunted for the story in the early days, now waits on it, as if it is over. Too many questions have never even been asked as we approach the one year anniversary of the raid.

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Kent said...

Ben did a fair job of pointing out many case facts promptly. I was not keeping score, mainly tracking those that ran with suppositions, inaccuracies...