Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Jessop - CASA war

As I expected, the leaked report is at least partly true.
In the San Angelo Standard-Times story today it says;
"Jessop's attorneys have reviewed the CASA report and compared it to complete transcriptions of the text messages prepared by the Department," Malara and Pritchard said in a joint statement released Wednesday. "Jessop's attorneys do not believe the statements contained in the CASA report accurately reflect the actual text messages and were taken out of context."
So roughly, yeah, Barbara said that. I repeat, I don't blame them one whit. Some think it's shocking that a mother would tell her child to act up against authorities, but I don't. It's the time honored principle of a prisoner of war doing all they can to escape.

Again, I do not for a moment propose there is a gang out there in hoods and black face with ropes waiting to sneak over the wall and rescue her. She's not digging a tunnel but people, they are trying to "deprogram" her to turn her to state's evidence.

Texas tried to do that with Teresa Jeffs, it didn't work, and they discarded her. They're trying to do it again with Merrianne Jessop. I see this as the torture of a 14 year old. If she ever convinces Texas she won't give in, they'll give her up overnight. I still have the strong impression from the politics of this business, that Carmen Dusek said she couldn't be part of this.

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Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I thought the claims were the messages were all from somebody called Pop, while the girl sent more messages to a different address, marked 'Mother.'

I don't think Pop is FLDS.

The Pharisee said...

It almost sounds like a "mail server."

Nevertheless, Walther is in full retreat in San Angelo today, check my latest post, and The San Angelo Standard-Times.