Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Arizona says Rebecca Musser should be interviewed by Warren's attorneys, not deposed

In December 2008, Becky Musser was interviewed by Warren's attorney, Michael Piccarreta. At that time she was bound by Texas not to testify to matters still under investigation by the Grand Jury in Texas. That Jury has discharged it's duties so
Rebecca may answer now. To refresh you on who Becky is, she is the older sister of Elissa Wall, the "proxy rape victim" of Warren Jeffs, whose actual rapist either is Allen Steed or Elissa was not raped at all. Ms. Muller was also married to the late Rulon Jeffs, Warren's father. She consulted Texas and Angie Voss, leading up to the YFZ raid.
"COMES NOW, the State of Arizona, by the Mohave County Attorney, and hereby moves the Court to deny Defendant's Motion to Depose Witness Rebecca Musser pursuant to Rule 15.3 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The State agrees with the defense that Rebecca Musser is a material witness that has been listed by the State as a prosecution witness at the upcoming trial of the defendant. However, Rebecca Musser has not failed to cooperate in granting a personal interview in the case. In fact, Rebecca Musser traveled from Boise, Idaho, to Salt Lake City, Utah, to be interviewed by the defense on December 11, 2008. The interview lasted two and a half hours and consisted of 86 pages of transcribed questions and answers. The witness did not refuse to answer any questions concerning this case except for questions involving what happened in Texas, particularly with respect to the Texas search warrant which was executed on the YFZ Ranch. At the end of the interview Mr. Piccarreta told the witness that he would still like to "chat" with her about the Texas matters assuming that Rebecca Musser got permission from the Court to talk about these things.

Rebecca Musser was told by the Texas Attorney General's Office that because they had some ongoing Grand Jury Investigations, that Rebecca was not allowed to discuss under color of Texas law any of her involvement in the Texas search warrant. It is the State's understanding that those restrictions no longer apply and that Rebecca Musser is now able to talk about the Texas aspects of this case. She will cooperate in granting a second interview concerning the Texas matters. Although the defense points out in a footnote on page four of their motion that Matt Smith indicated Becky Musser might answer questions about Texas in the future, that has not occurred as of time of the defense motion. However, the defense has not requested to re-interview Rebecca since the time of her first interview on December 11. A deposition is not required under the rules because Rebecca Musser will continue to cooperate (as she has done in the past) with the interview process."
Ms. Musser stands to gain a lot, if FLDS assets are determined, seized and distributed amongst it's "victims." Elissa Wall, "proxy rape victim," has written a book and is trying to sue the FLDS UEP trust. Assuming there is anything left, Ms. Musser will end up benefiting it would seem, from her sister's largess and the evidence seized at the raid that she advised Angie Voss, among others, to conduct.

I would say that Piccarreta wants her sworn testimony for the above reasons, and the fact that she will now be testifying on matters that could indeed by incriminating.

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